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I used to keep a bunch of rubber elastics handy in a drawer in the kitchen, and another one in my vanity drawer. They were useful in tying up the open ends of spice bags once they were opened. Another use was round the currency notes to keep them in order. Then another use was (and is) tying electric cords. When I was keeping long hair, and hair ties were missing, I would use the rubber bands for tying my hair. I definitely have no use for them this way, as I keep my hair now really short.
In October 2015 I visited home country after a gap of two, and a half years. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, but I couldn’t. There was a sickening delay in getting my Resident Card, and If I had left, I could never come back. My children stood guard over me, so I couldn’t leave. Anytime I wanted to leave they would give me an earful, reminding me of the reality in my situation. In those days I had turned into a very sad person. Thank God those times are over.

I was overjoyed when I got back to home country for a couple of months stay. Besides the mountains of dust covering everything inside and outside was finding detoriated bunches of the elastic bands in the drawers. They had melted in the closed confines of my home, and the nasty mess adhered to other things in the drawers, and to the drawers itself. It was difficult indeed to clear, and get rid of the gooey material.

That taught me a lesson. I only keep now just a few of them to use in time of need.



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