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The object, or I rather say the objective in sight is passing my DMV test in the few weeks ahead. I don’t even know where the premises are located being new to town here. To be truthful I did stay here for two months in the summer of 2010. I was than a visitor, and never envisaged that I will be back here as a  resident some day. I am trusting Google Maps to show me the route.

My son kept me from acquiring a car when I arrived in Houston in May 2013. He said, “Mama! You don’t need to drive”. Most of the time I was confined to my room upstairs waiting for a weekend when he would be free to take me for anything I needed.

Back home the narrow roads are congested, and we move real slow on the roads. Here you whiz past at terrifying speeds. My heart drops down every time when I am made to drive on highways by my driving instructor Mike. Here we drive on the right whereas it was the opposite back home. Meanwhile there are a hundred signs to get used to, and learn.

The first time I drove with Mike I repeatedly turned on the wipers when I needed to indicate the left or right turn.Back home the indicators are on the right side. I would mutter an embarrassed sorry every time it happened. 

Another scary thing are the up and down winding roads. I have wished (maybe a thousand times or more) I had driven in Houston where the ground is flat, it wouldn’t have been so terrifying now for me.
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