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The Color Green

The first day I occupied my home here,  the main color got decided inadvertently–without any conscious thought on my part. My daughter Nola and I were searching for a car for me. We were thinking of a second hand car, obviously to get a low insurance. We didn’t find any. The story of the car can be left for another time.

We dealt with buying a car. The next thing was moving into my home from the hotel. I had to get mattresses for sleeping –we couldn’t sleep on the floor. Off we went to Sam’s Club. Bought the stuff from there and other places. The first few days were hectic, considering I had to buy everything from A to Z. From my Peshawar home, I did manage to bring a few plates, a frying pan, a cooking pot, a cutlery set to get going. I forgot to pack the two dishes I wanted to bring along, but their lids did reach here. I found use for them minus their dishes. I use them to cover food in the plate for microwaving.

After I put everything together the main color turned out mostly blue. Green is only the color of my table mats which I brought with me from back home. I stitched them long ago. They were gathering dust in a drawer–totally forgotten.




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The Color Green

Cause, Meet Effect
by Ben Huberman
You can singlehandedly create a causal relation between two things that are currently unconnected — a word and an emotion, a song and an extreme weather event, wearing a certain color and winning the lottery. What cause would you link to what effect, and why?



The Grey Dress


Most of the time I land up with certain colors in my dresses. They are white, followed by grey, then green and finally blue. Sometimes in a year I may be getting more whites or greys and so on. I like to use hundred percent cotton or say my skin is more comfortable in cotton otherwise it itches. Those silken dresses I am “forced” to buy for weddings and parties are the norm in my country, and so I try to conform myself. I wear them for the specific occasion and then they hang unused in the closet. Later on I gave them away if they hang for a longer period and I won’t use them.

Occasionally I love some of my dresses and I can’t part with them. This grey dress comes into that category. The shirt is in net with beautiful embellishments and the shalwar (trouser) and dupatta is silk. When I wore the dress it looked good on me or say it in a another way I looked good in it. What conceit!

I wore that dress for quite a number of occasions. I was sitting in a corner of a Banquet Hall used for weddings, waiting for the festivities to begin. As usual my “dear, darling” husband with his penchant for “on time” had brought me there. Even the “Hosts” had not arrived. I used to dread those occasions, waiting for the festivities to began, the endless songs and dances, the ear splitting music and the video men trying to videotape you when you are trying to hide your face. I used to be mad at them, for goodness sake I am not even a close relative, so why are you bothering me in the first place.

To get back to the actual story I was sitting bored, wishing in my heart to be back home when this lady came from the back. She hugged and kissed me. She sat in the chair next to me and exclaimed, ” I recognized you from the dress otherwise I wouldn’t have known it was you.” I realized much later, to my chagrin that I wore the same dress to the same family’s weddings for the third time in a row.