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Whenever I get the urge to chuckle 

I try to restrain my laughs

Less hot tears should catch me unaware 

All those times I had a few laughs

Grief and tears came from nowhere

For many a laugh, it’s true

Unexpected sadness does hit you


Daily Prompt 




In the days my sister in law M died, the weather turned unpredictable. A heavy mist came down. In the mornings the sun would climb high in the sky, but the mist wouldn’t clear. One had to wait till noon for the skies to clear off.

My brother in law B told me that he would be coming at seven to pick me up, and I should be ready to leave. The burial was set at eleven. We thought we had ample time. Because of the mist on the highway it was slow going. We crawled at a slow pace, since B could only see a few feet ahead. It was our bad fate there were more trucks than cars on the road that day. My sister in law S kept a steady chatter throughout our journey, but it couldn’t alleviate our miserable trip.

The heater in their car wasn’t working. I was glad I had dressed warmly, cause by the time we reached M’s house all of us were feeling cold. The weather turned more dark and stormy as we entered the house. Cries of grief rent the air.

Last winter another thing which was unusual was the heavy mist in the evening and at night. On the terrace of my home the mist would be thick. It was literally walking into a wall beyond which you couldn’t see. 

I have never seen the likes of it before, although I have lived in Peshawar for quite sometime. 




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Disaster suddenly occurs

When it’s least expected

Suddenly moves overhead and is there

Grief floors a person unaware

A gut wrenching feeling takes over

Why did it happen for whatever reason

Sadness and tears overwhelms a person bare

(Sheen-April 2016)




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Daily prompt:Burnt

Remember this prompt, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind?


Bitter grief on things gone forever, and burnt

Want to lose consciousness on what I lost

Love, and trust are only now grey black ashes

The sharp edge of regret stabs my heart

Mourning won’t get them back for me

Sadness fills the empty coffers of my lifeless heart


Forget the Hurt

Daily Prompt: I Can’t Stay Mad at You
Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?


I hide away, don’t think
Forget the barbed words said

Forget the hurt and the sorrow
Get on with life, and go ahead

Grief wrecks havoc to my heart
Tears in my eyes remain unshead

Then time steps in, and heal
And removes the thorns embed

Forget the Hurt



Since last Saturday I am running against time. My daughter in law’s brother died of cancer in Ireland. She was inconsolable with grief. Her friends kept coming to offer condolences. She has left for the funeral of her brother. She will be away for three weeks now. I am left holding the fort.

I have to wash, cook and clean for three kids, no make it four to include my son, the eldest kid among them. I get up at five, say my prayers hurriedly and rush downstairs to make breakfast for them. Alongside I prepare their lunches, which the children take to school.

Yesterday I didn’t prepare lunch for the youngest one. I just put a chips packet and a cold drink in his lunch bag. Per d in law’s instructions my son went and deposited money for the lunches so that the youngest one can have it there. I B after coming back from school demanded, ” Why didn’t you give me a fish burger?”

I told him that his mother wanted him to eat at school till she comes back.

“No, I don’t want to eat at school. I didn’t like the pizza they gave me,” was his answer.

I B playing at his computer

Today in the morning I made him finish his toast and milk. After brushing his teeth, changed his pj for a clean shirt and shorts. He was ready for the school bus. He came and poked at the left over fish on the tray. He told me, “It’s not supposed to be like this.” It crumbled when touched.
“How it’s supposed to be? I asked him.
“It should be hard,” was his answer.
Later on I realized his mother must have been microwaving it, whereas I baked it for twenty minutes.

This reminds me of my friend. She was looking after her sister’s two kids while the sister was in hospital. The aunt would make breakfast for them but the children wouldn’t like it.
“What’s wrong?” She asked.
One of the boys demonstrated it by burning the toast. He scraped it, then started munching it happily.

The second one Sn has told me,”I am irritated with you.” As to what he is irritated at, I have yet to discover. I can only guess at it. Probably with the salad I made last night. I didn’t find the vinegar, so I squeezed lemon juice on it.

The only happy fellow in the house is my son. And here I can correctly guess the real reason. He would have to do all the chores I am doing.😊