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Our Joy

Maryam, a few hours old

Life has become more hectic with the birth of my granddaughter Maryam. We are so lucky to have her Masha’Allah. Since her birth by c section fourteen days ago, I’m on my toes the whole day long. By the end of the day I’m tired with caring for her, and her mother.

Son is away most of the time, so he is of no help. He is happy on the birth of his daughter. He says , “ One door of Jannah has been opened for him. The Jannah (Heaven) has eight doors by which the righteous will enter. There is a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) that “The one who brought up three daughters, or sisters, taught then good manners and treated them with kindness until they became self-sufficient. AIlah will make Paradise obligatory for him. A man asked: what about two, O Messenger of Allah? The Holy Prophet replied: the same for two.” Ibn `Abbas, the reporter of the Hadith, says: “Had the people at that time asked in respect of one daughter, the Holy Prophet would have also given the same reply about her. ” (Sharh as-Sunnh).

There is a joke of Mullah Naseeruddin regarding the birth of daughters. Mullah Naseeruddin is a fictitious character from Turkey. Someone asked him if one daughter is born to a person? Mullah replied a door of Heaven opens for him. Then he asked if two are born? Mullah replied that two doors will open for him. The same person asked if three are born? The number went on to eight. Mullah said eight doors will open. Finally Mullah was asked if nine are born, then what? A door from hell will open was Mullah’s reply.