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A Rabbit vs a Mouse

IB (grandson). This image of him was made by TJ (my daughter’s son)

I have Masha’Allah four grandsons, three belonging to Son, and one belongs to daughter. IB is going through the phase which is really annoying, having a haircut in which one eye is covered all the time. He looks at you through that curtain of hair.

Son, and I had IB for a month stay, in which Son was mostly absent from home, and I had IB to myself. I wanted IB to extend his stay to one more week. Although he wouldn’t get out of his room, except for numerous forays to the pantry, (where all his goodies procured by Son were) or the fridge. I would get the feeling I wasn’t alone.

After my asking him to stay, a phone message was received by Son to return him to his Mom the same evening. Another disappointment to face!

Believe me, before going he wasn’t worried 😟 about me on my own, but he was worried sick about the fate of the resident mouse in our garage. Son was laying traps for the blighter before leaving for LA for another case. I wanted IB to remove it (I’m very squeamish) once we were lucky enough to catch it. I know I will cower with fright, and scream when I see it, and If no one is there to remove it I will be frantically waiting for Son to come back.

IB put a question to me, “Would you kill a bunny (rabbit)”?

If I had known what was coming next I would have thought over my answer. “No never”.

“Then how can you think of killing a mouse 🐁. It’s so cute. Have you looked at its’ face. It looks just like a bunny”.

My answer was that he couldn’t compare a rabbit with a mouse. In his effort to convert me to his point of view, he wanted me to look over his mouse photos on his iPhone which I refused to see.


I could feel a tiny prickle

On the left side of my back

Irritating, cause couldn’t reach it

The tiny prickle on my back

Something was pricking me on the back. I looked furtively on either side of me. No— no one was watching. All were intently staring at the big screen. I got up, and stepped back. You know, and I know how difficult it is to reach our backs to scratch it. It was ineffective. For a moment the itching would subside, but seconds later I would again feel something pricking  me. 

I couldn’t leave the room, not wanting to miss the intense story unfolding on the screen, so I put up with the discomfort. As soon as the movie finished, I rushed to my room. Took off my shirt, and turned it inside out to see what was it?

I found a tiny hair which acted like a barbed wire pricking my skin. Earlier in the day I had gone for a haircut. This wee hair had landed inside. I had not washed my hair, and changed clothes after returning home, which I should have done in the first instance. Sometimes a tiny hair causes so much botheration.



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Saving on a haircut isn’t a good idea, but that’s exactly what I did. Gone are the days when haircuts used to last for a couple of months. After fifteen days my hair looks a horror. 

The grocery shop from I where I buy my vegetables is next door to a hair salon. I paused while passing it, and read the announcement of a half price. That lured me in, despite the dire warnings from Son who was two steps behind me, that cheap haircuts didn’t necessarily mean good haircuts. I overlooked his nuances.

Son was exhausted. Seeing I wasn’t going to listen to his low rumblings, he settled down in a chair, and promptly went to catch a nap. I felt nervous at getting my haircut from a new person. One never knows what will be the end result? 

I don’t think I will be entering that particular shop again in my lifetime. Once was enough.

The other day passing the shop I wanted to caution a new victim entering it, but gave up the idea. It wasn’t my place to do so.



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