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Our apartment looks kind of messy with boxes yet to be emptied. There is no storage space. Yesterday I had asked Son whether he will have some extra time in tidying up the corridor, and his room. What is he doing? Still asleep in bed, as I wait for him to wake up……

The first day I reached here, I was tired, and sleep crazy with the long journey. I was on auto pilot longing for sleep, when Son dragged me to the local mosque telling me he had arranged a dinner in my honor, and I had to be there. Later on he laughed when I confronted him on his bare faced lie. Actually it was a monthly get together of families, and everyone contributed a dish except for Son, and single folks like him.

It’s obligatory on Muslim men to say their five times prayer in a mosque. Thank God it’s not obligatory on women. They can say their prayers at home. At moments like these it gladdens my heart that I’m a woman.

It was supposed to be a get together this evening. Due to bad weather it has been cancelled this month. I had taken a bag full of chicken breasts to make Haleem. I have to utilize it, as it’s defrosted. I suppose I will have to put the rest of the Haleem in the freezer for another day.



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Down the Ring of Fire

Do you love hot and spicy foods, or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?


My stomach doesn’t like spicy food
But the tongue disagrees with that

Occasionally for a change it wants
Hot and spicy food to begat

Chana chat, kabobs and haleem
Fiery pakoras, samosas and all that

I avoid spicy food like the plague. I don’t go near it. The food I cook is bland and mild to taste. For aroma and taste, I add two or three whole green peppers at the end of cooking. I use a pinch of white cumin too. This adds to the flavor and makes the food more palatable to eat.

My stomach easily gets upset, so I keep myself in check. At parties when I find the food too spicy, I eat the salad, and binge on the dessert. (I agree it’s not a good thing)

At one party, I found the food too spicy. Thankfully, I had put a very small portion on my plate. I pecked at it, and the moment my hostess got engaged elsewhere, I dumped the food in the bin. A lady sitting next to me was innovative. She would take a spoon of the hot and fiery food, and at the same time would shove in her mouth, a table spoon full of the dessert too. She got through the food by alternatively eating food and dessert.

Down the Ring of Fire

My Luck!

Daily Prompt: The Great Pretender
Are you full of confidence or have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome?


The truth is, I am shaky in confidence in myself. Today’s prompt reminds me of an afternoon tea, where I felt a fraud.

We (my husband and I) had invited about fifteen guests to a tea party. Tea is easier than giving a dinner.

I had made savory dishes like Chana Chat, Shami Kebabs, Samosas, Haleem and Chicken Tikkas. For a sweet tooth, I had made a chocolate dessert and a muffin type thing from coconut, condensed milk and nuts. I had the recipe from an old magazine of mine. It looked complicated and awesome. It looked like I must have gone great lengths over it, but it was easy to make.

The guests came. One of the guests S is spectacular in baking. She used to teach baking and cooking. I don’t know, how one of the guests assumed that the thing I had baked, was made by S. She gushed to S, that the thing looked amazing. I waited for a contradiction from S, but she never said a word. The other guests joined in the praise.

The reality was, whatever I knew about baking was from magazines and cookbooks.

My Luck!