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Issues With My Nose

I’m prone to a runny nose, and sneezing 🤧 if there are cold germs in the vicinity. I often see adults, or children coughing, and sneezing depositing their precious cargo everywhere. Apparently my immune system is very weak. I was standing in an isle trying to find my favorite peach flavored yogurt, when the lady next to me decided to sneeze without putting an an elbow to her face. I’m sure all the things there got the full doze of it.

I should have moved from there. I carelessly continued the hunt for the elusive item I sought, and therefore endangered myself to a raging cold for the next few days. I hope next time something like the previous episode happens, I should take care, and immediately remove myself from the impending danger of catching the germs.

My late husband detested my use of tissues. He would point out to me to use a handkerchief. I could have used handkerchiefs, if I had someone to wash them, but if that someone had to be me, then I couldn’t do so. The thing was — the more I used the tissues, the more my nose leaked, and the more I found myself miserable 😩.

Dear readers! I have found a cure, which I should tell you this instant, and shouldn’t take hours like some people do. After wasting inordinate amount of minutes you keep waiting to get to the real thing. It is simple. The minute any fluid start escaping through your nose, go to the bathroom, and wash, and clean your 👃. At that time it feels tedious when you have to take the numerous trips to the bathroom, but believe me — it works effectively.

The germs wash away, and in no time you feel better. One other thing I must tell you is that my late husband was correct in telling me not to use tissues. There is something in the paper which aggravates in making the nose more runny.😣