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I want to be brave

I can’t change my heart

It’s full of fear

Fear of the new day

What will it bring?

Happy feelings


Another calamity waiting to happen

On which I have no control

Except for praying

Please God, keep us safe





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In my nightmares I am catapulted to the year I lived in uncle’s home. It wasn’t even a year, only ten months. When father died, my two younger brothers, sister and I were underage. The court granted custody to our older paternal uncle as a guardian. Our this uncle was married to our maternal aunt. 

I escaped uncle’s home by accepting marriage to my late husband, but my siblings had a prolonged, miserable living with uncle, and his family. Sometimes my sister, and I reminisce about those times in our lives. She has terrible nightmares, worse than me. 

In my dreams, I am back in uncle’s home. Aunt is glaring at me, and telling me off. The feelings of dread, and despair weighs down my heart, and I’m back to an unhappy existence.

I wake up, and feel totally disoriented, “Where am I?” Then the realization strikes that I am no longer living that life. I feel happy, and breathe a sigh of relief. It has been many years, but the dream still occurs. 

In my world sorrow, and happiness exists side by side.



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Dear Son, my sacrifice is in vain. It doesn’t help. I moved far away from you so that you won’t have to spend a little of your time with your widowed mother, which your soon to be ex wife didn’t want.

Sometimes sacrifices don’t help

They are in vain and a person suffers

Going through a torment of grief

Disillusionment and sorrow

And moments filled with pain

May happiness come your way again

May your life be filled with peace

May you see a bright morrow

Ameen. (Sheen-May2016)



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Three Years From Now

A Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating.

Three years from now — for me, it’s difficult to visulize — not good at it.

Yesterday I unfortunately bumped into the sharp edge of the outside sink on the terrace. I narrowly missed injuring my right eye, but it is very painful.  

I wish for Peace and Happiness around the world, no more strife and an end to religeous witch hunting.


Ebb and Flow

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Image: Google

I say I am fine, but I am having a pain in my side.

My intentions are good, but they are often bad ideas.

If I take things easy, they are often hard to do.

I want to be happy, yet I am sad.

More images of contradictions:



When I Am Happy

Daily Prompt: Happy Radars
Are you a good judge of other people’s happiness? Tell us about a time you were spot on despite external hints to the contrary (or, alternatively, about a time you were dead wrong).


I can’t say for other people. Some hide their happiness, as if it is a frail thing which will break if they show it, or others will steal it away.

Some hide their bad news, because they fear people will be so despicable to gloat over their misfortune.

When I am happy, I like to shout that I am happy this moment. When I am sad, tears are ready to fall at the slightest pretext.

Happiness knocked at my door
Opened the door to let it in

Another knock came
And sadness stepped in

I can’t protect myself
From one of them

I will be just happy
For sadness to stem

Here is a happy song:

I love this old Barney song


Will You Be My Friend?

Photo Credit: Internet

I will look out for you
Constantly and always
Finding paths of happiness
Trust and faith abiding
Walking hand in hand
Will you be my friend?

I will like you for always
As a true friend who will care
Sharing my world with you
Feelings and thoughts to bare
Hearing what you say
Lighting life like a sun ray
Will you be my friend?

Photo Credit: Shutterstock