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Tight Corner

Tight Corner
by Ben Huberman
Have you ever managed to paint yourself into the proverbial corner because of your words? What did you do while waiting for them “to dry”?


My brother-in-law F has a big heart. He is a living example of what his name stands for.

He had some guests at his home. They were a husband, and wife couple. Both of them were bemoaning the fact, that they were short of money for something they wanted.

F’s heartstrings were pulled with their sob story. He offered them his latest BMW, and told them to sell it to get the money.

They were taken aback with F’s generosity. Thankfully they didn’t accept at that moment. Later on they must have thought over it, and decided to accept. Meanwhile F had also regained his senses, and became un-available.

He does klutzy things like that, and my sister has (literally) heart attacks every time he is in one of his generous moods.


Life Without You

Daily Prompt: Pride and Joy
What’s your most prized possession? Go!

At the moment, it’s my drawing pen with which I draw. I don’t know, without it, how I would have drawn anything.

The last six days have been chaotic. I went to Boston to meet my daughter. I got back yesterday evening. Back to hometown Houston. After I emptied my bags, and put everything away, I looked at the daily prompt. By that time, it was already 6p.m. I wanted to draw a face for yesterday’s prompt, the pen was nowhere to be seen.

For a moment, I was going to have a heart attack. Don’t worry, it wasn’t real. I get panic attacks over every worry, which comes my way. I was relieved, when I finally found it. It lay hidden in the folds of my bag.

Oh! My sweetheart, what would I have done without you.


Life Without You