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Saturday Night


Saturday night spells out the usual, unless someone has invited us for dinner. Having supper, and then going out for my nightly walk. The highlight to the end of the day.

My son S sprawls out in front of the television, after dinner. My grandson IB, usually hogs it, so a cartoon movie is on. S watches it like a child. I call him to put on his shoes, so that we can go for our walk. S is immersed in it, so he doesn’t hear me. I keep on calling him to get up. S has seen this movie, maybe hundreds of time. Sorry for the exaggeration, but maybe fifteen or twenty times.

Night before, I prized away my dear son from the screen, his eyes were literally glued to it. IB told me to get an exercise machine for myself or go out in the mornings for a walk. Nice advice for me.

After coming back, I say my Isha Prayers, then lie down on bed to read, till my eyes close over to sleep.