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Free Download

I’m into sewing projects, and when I find a sewing item I like, I want to download it, and save it for a future project. I feel disappointed when it turns out it was just a promotion gimmick. My time gets wasted, which I could have used for something better.

I would like to put this question to those people who play hoaxes on unsuspecting persons, why do you do it? It leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Why advertise as free download? If the project price is written beforehand, and I don’t feel it’s worth it, I won’t click any further on it.

I often forget my passwords. I write them down in a notebook. The above thing happened on a site called Craftsy. Searching my notebook for the password I saw a cross on it. I thought maybe it wasn’t the correct password, so on the site I mentioned that I have forgotten it. After resetting, I went on the site, and found which had been a free download, I would have to pay through pay pal for it.

Only then I understood why I had put a cross on it.