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Dreams I had dreamt

They disappeared

Leaving no trace behind

They were just thoughts

Figments of imagination

Hopes to which I aspired

No longer attainable

And I have stopped

Thinking of them

Letting them float away

Out of my reach

Out of my life



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I prefer the early morn

When the day begins

A new day despite the black clouds

High hopes

Maybe today is the day

When my prayers are answered




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I don’t anticipate, it spells disaster to me, and makes me nervous. My daughter puts up a lot of questions. “Are you looking forward to your journey? What are you going to do? Are you happy?” And so on.

Any happenings when they turn out okay, I am happy, but if they don’t,  I am philosophical– it wasn’t meant to be. The minute I start anticipating, and my hopes after getting built up, evaporate like thin mist, I get more dejected.

A few years back when my husband was still alive, our grandsons had come on a visit. Their mother had plans for spending the holidays with her brother in another city. Her parents resided with their son. We rented a place there, and had high hopes of seeing our grandsons at least for an hour, or two each day. They lived close by. Our anticipation hit the dust when we were unable to see them. A big disappointment! We gave up after a week, and returned home.

Another thing which happens to me is that I buy exquisite material for my clothes. Here I am thinking, I will have a pair of lovely clothes. What happens is: either the clothes are not properly stitched, or the tailor’s scissors inadvertently leaves minute cuts, which I soon find out while ironing. 

I remember the time I bought white silk with work done on it with silver thread. It was lovely. I was so looking forward to wearing it. When the tailor stitched it, and I brought it home, I soon found a small cut in front. It was highly disappointing. 

I can say anticipation goes hand in hand with disappointment.




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Hope Shines

Tourist Trap
by Michelle W.
What’s your dream tourist destination — either a place you’ve been and loved, or a place you’d love to visit? What about it speaks to you?

Aya Sophia from inside — the names Allah, and Muhammad (peace be upon him), and picture of Jesus, and Mary. Photo: thanks to FJ

At the moment my deepest wish is to get back to Peshawar. Only God knows when it’s going to be fulfilled. I hope it’s soon Insha’Allah (if God wills), Ameen.

Knowing myself, I can predict that soon after reaching my dusty, old home town, I will be fed up with load shedding, and other problems.

I have been waiting to visit Turkey, and Malayasia during my husband’s lifetime, but it was not to be. I got raving accolades about Turkey from one acquaintance. From another it was a complete no-no. Both had their own experiences. So I don’t know what to decide.

One thing I know for sure is, I will try to co-ordinate the visit with my daughter. I don’t want to go on my own. For me it will be scary going alone to some place. She has not divulged which place she is likely to visit this year. Last year it was UK. I should remember to ask her on my next phone call.

I did make her promise that I will be included on the Turkey trip. So maybe I make it Insha’Allah.
Wishful thinking, and high hopes indeed!

However dark the surroundings it seems now

Hope shines brightly in my space

It will keep me from dark thoughts, and despair

Finally leading me to eternal peace


Sultan Ahmet Mosque, and Hagia Sophia
Photos credit: FJ (the photos are from his visit to Turkey, last year)


Till the End of Time

Be the Change
What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?


My footprints upon the sand
Someone else will come
And walk upon them

My writings are: a source of release for me
Banishing my loneliness, keeping me occupied
Who am I?
A life upon earth
Maybe someday —- someone will glean something
Or learn something

And that’s
Under the garb, we are all the same

We are walking through our everyday lives
It doesn’t matter, who we are
We reach each other
Through the threads of time
Sharing our thoughts —- our lives
We haven’t seen each other
Never heard the other voices
And yet we are friends

We hear each other, through our blogs
We share our hopes
Our sorrows, our dreams
And who we are

We are particles of sand, on the beach
That’s who we are
We will remain there
Till the end of time

Be the Change