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Before I Sleep

Two things I badly need to do before I sleep, to warm my icy back, and secondly the frigid toes on my feet. I wonder at why my feet change to frozen from a normal state. Why do they go ice- cold? There is no feeling of cold, but the minute I slip into bed my feet won’t get warm. They turn magically into ice bricks. Friends with solution say, “Wear socks”. Socks in bed makes me feel claustrophobic, so no socks in bed for me.

I keep on turning in bed, swishing my feet to generate warm air in the tundra like confines of my bed. Sometime later they start to thaw out to help me in getting my elusive sleep. One reason I know is that my room becomes arctic in summer is due to Son keeping the thermostat at low temperature.

For my back I keep a pillow — actually not one, but two. The pillows get warm with my back, and in turn warm my cold prone spinal cord. At night I turn between the two pillows. I wonder about my back too as to why it feels more cold there? I have not found an answer yet.

Last night when I was having my usual night walk, I could feel the pinpricks of cold on my back. I kept muttering to myself, “It’s cold”, while a warm wind blew, and people around me were wearing shorts, showing bare legs, and arms. A few minutes of brisk walking chased away the feeling of cold, I straightened my hunchback stance, and breathed a sigh of relief.

I hope not, but someday I may turn into a freak by strapping a pillow to my back to get away from the cold signals my nerves tend to give.