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I love ice cream and other sweet concoctions. I can never say no to any of them. It is not heathy for me to have sugary food. Diabetes run in my family, and it’s better for me if I can stay away. I bought an ice cream maker last year so that I could have home made ice cream. It’s healthier making your own. At least you know what is going into your stomach.

I never used to like store bought strawberries ice cream. When I made my own — I loved it. Here is the recipe:

1 can condensed milk

1 can evaporated milk

1 cup whipped cream

1 cup strawberries (blended through a mixer).

Combine and pour the mixture into the maker. Switch on. Your ice cream is ready in 25 minutes.

You can add 1 cup more of whipped cream to the mixture so that it remains soft while remaining in the freezer. Personally I don’t want the added cup. It gives me the jitters thinking of all that cream in my stomach.

Two weeks ago I invited a few ladies to lunch. For dessert I made a walnut-sooji halwa and strawberries ice cream. You can guess rightly the left overs were consumed by whom?

Afterwards I was in a dire state of anxiety. Why? Because I had eaten a surplus of sugary food. I was convinced I got the diabetes by the many visits to the rest room. It was a scare truly.




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