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For Infinity

Daily Prompt: A Bookish Choice
A literary – minded witch gives you a choice: with a flick of the wand, you can become either an obscure novelist whose work will be admired and studied by a select few for decades, or a popular paperback author whose books give pleasure to millions. Which do you choose?


Tough choice?

I will choose ……. Let me see …….

Okay ……..

I will settle for being an obscure novelist whose work will be admired and studied by a select few for decades.

It’s better the way I see it. A popular novelist is like a shooting star which makes its impact for a moment, and then disappears for forever from view. We all know it’s not a star even; it’s a meteor.

The other one is like a star which twinkles at you from the vast sky above. It reminds you that it is still shining, and giving light for endless time.

For I would like to remain in the sky
I wouldn’t like to fall down to obscurity
For I would like to shine for always
In the space above for infinity


An Infinity Away


Sixteen seems, eons away
The brown haired girl, got lost in time
Where she went, what she did
Is a blank image today

Everything was different, feelings and thoughts
Pristine like sand, on a summer day
An innocent soul, oh! so naive
Dreams and reality, all mixed anyway

The feelings were, I could touch the sky
Life looked better, an infinity away
The sands of time trickled down so fast
The dreams got milled to sand anyway

An Infinity Away