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I’d Like to Thank my Cats

I am dancing a jig
On announcement of an award
My heartbeats are awry
It’s the third on my record

I am feeling delirious
H’ve to prepare an accept speech
Have to get ready
And drive there to reach

Thank you God, all and sundry
I am honored and happy
Getting “Poetess of the Year” award
I am feeling touchy

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Daily Prompt: I’d Like to Thank my Cats

Funny Ha Ha


Being clever is funny
It’s not right
Being funny is nice
All sugar and spice

I am not funny
Do you have to know
Enjoy funny jokes
I will have you know

Humor brings happiness
I have a few laughs
Chase away bad memories
Leaves me in half’s

My husband was funny
I use to be in stitches
He went to a far off place
Leaving me in ditches

Being clever and funny
I would love to be like that
Leaving laughter all around
For people who sat

Photo and Cartoon courtesy of AHAJOKES.com
Http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/daily-prompt-clever/Funny Ha Ha

Secret of Success-Effort


You have to make an effort
Make yourself interesting
Your blog will rise to heights
If you keep on toiling

To win some accolades
You have to keep on trying
Learning to put a zing
You have to keep on writing

Dream on Flowersandbreezes
A day might come for you
Fellow bloggers will love you
And keep on homing for you

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/25/daily-prompt-effort/Secret of Success-Effort



My walking footwear is brown
Grown too old, to my dismay
I don’t want to replace them
Buy another one you can say

I have loved them for years
Three years I dare say
The heels are worn, have pain in feet
Despair has come my way

They were part of my daily walk
Miss them, more than I can say
Let me find another like that
I do hope and pray



Pants on Fire

Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire

When was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?

As a child I was told, ” You have two Angels with you. One on your right and the other one on your left. The right one records your good deeds. The left one records your bad deeds.” Faced with that there was no choice.

A lie I remember happened in eighth grade. It was our English Class. While the teacher was taking the class my friend N was busy reading a magazine. The teacher asked her a question. N was at a loss what to reply. “Are you busy reading something else.” N said, “No.”

Our teacher rightly guessing where N’s attention had been, suddenly asked me, “Is she telling the truth?” I was between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. I didn’t want to lie and I couldn’t tell on my friend. I quickly mumbled, “Yes.”

I was beet red with embarrassment at telling a lie. The teacher knowing me, looked at my too expressive face, let it go. N didn’t get a punishment but I did feel terrible.

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http://dailpost.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/daily-prompt-fake/Pants on Fire


First Time Writing For The New York Times Homepage. What will it be?

My usual: A Poem

A first for me
What will it be
A story, a poem
Let me see

You can tell me
What will you like
I will write
Whenever a fancy strike

I am loving it here
Will write for you
The story of my life
As I pass through

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http://daily post.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/daily-prompt-first/<a href="http://wp.me/p23sd-daily prompt-first920″>First


Cartoon Credit: Internet

You go on learning
All your life
It keeps you going
Right through life

It enhances your world
Keeps you satisfied
The things you gather
Better your life

Be it the knowledge
Work that you do
It makes you friends
With the world
What you do

http://daily post.wordpress.com2013/08/21/daily-prompt-learning-2/

Night Time

Photo Credit: Geoff Coleman

During day I am a different person. Full of hope for the day, confidant in myself. When night time comes I am the opposite of who I am.

I change into a person
Full of trepidation
Losing hope
Feeling damnation
Anguish and memories
Do invade me
Leaving me scared
A terrible sensation

Night brings despair
Hope gets lost
Memory invades
I’m prey to nightly ghosts
Night is an enemy
Day is a friend
When sleep comes
Night too becomes a friend

http://daily post.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/daily-prompt-nighttime/Night Time


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Activity, Activity, where are you
Finding it difficult, rhyming with you
The brain tries to work
Noting various things
Making me write
Making me think

Reading and Writing
That’s the chief activity
Keeps me occupied
Makes me think of divinity

Daily Prompt, On The Edge, Activity

The Jamun Tree


Every summer Baba, my father would send my younger brother S and I to our elder uncle who lived in a different city. Baba would get a respite from us and we would get a summer break with our cousins. Most of our days were spent at home. We used to while away our time in various games the summer homework given to us by our teachers forgotten. This homework would haunt us, usually in the last ten days when we were due to return home.

All of us would be climbing trees and walls. I was as adapt at climbing trees as the boys in the family. My favorite perch along with my cousin Z was sitting on a branch in the shady leaves, munching on something or the other.

Our fave was the Jamun tree when it was laden with the purple yummy fruit, the Jamuns. It abounded with succulent ripe Jamuns waiting to be plucked. My cousins and I would be sitting in the branches having our fill. The fruit leaves it’s color in your mouth so we would have purple mouths for rest of the day.

Three years back I planted four Jamun plants in the orchard of my village home. They are still growing up. I rarely get to eat the fruit which grows there. I live in the city. The house in the village is looked after by a watchman. He and his family will get the Jamuns when they make an appearance in the future.

I don’t think I will able to climb a tree now. I will be afraid of ants, bugs and spiders nesting in my hair. It’s strange it didn’t matter then.

Photos Credit: Google Search

This post should have been posted yesterday. My plea to the Powers behind the Daily Prompt is to give the task a day ahead. Yesterday it was Haphazard and thinking of ten words which came to mind. My first was Jamun.
The Jamun Tree