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Time Doesn’t Last

Time and tide wait for no man. God knows who first coined it but it is so apt.

There are so many tasks which I put off. I tell myself I will just do this, whatever I am doing at the moment, like reading or talking on a phone then I will finish what is a mundane task for me. By the time it becomes too late and I put it off for another day.

Time goes away
It won’t last another day
I keep leaving my tasks
For me time doesn’t last

I wish I could do things on time. My complaint is Time runs away from me.

Daily Prompt: Procrastination Time

Only There Are Memories


The smell is heavenly
A lovely smell
Heart breaking and evocative
Memories well

I try to catch it
Taking deep breaths
Elusive and enticing
Is the smell

Transports me to a world
Which exists no more
The world of my childhood
I can’t enter no more

Alas! I can’t have
I want it with fervor
The gates are closed
Gone forever

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Daily Prompt Smell you later

Never Again

Never again I will be naive
Trusting someone with my heart
My secrets, my fantasies
My likes, dislikes

When I am let down
I feel the kick
Left to me are
The wounds to lick

I feel anger
Like goes away
Never to return
Trust gets lost
And tears remain

In response to Daily Prompts.Daily Prompt, Never Again

Everything Changes

I have come to New York for sightseeing. I am with my daughter and her family. We drove from Newark where we are currently staying. Having parked our vehicle we were walking down Times Square, suddenly a folded paper flutters down right in front of me. I pick it up. As I glance at it, the sight of the first initial of my name gives me a jolt. “S, you are going to die today.”

The blood drains from my face. Automatically I look right and left but people are passing by without a look in my direction. Ahead, my daughter is looking back at me perplexedly, as to why I am not moving. I moisten my lips and hurriedly join her. She takes my hand and asks me worriedly, “Are you okay?” I shake my head and try to smile at her through pale lips. “Yes, I am alright.”

I am thinking, “Was this paper meant for me or for someone else?” Since my initial is on it, I feel like it was meant for me. I decide not to say anything to my daughter so that she is not alarmed. I don’t want to take the fun and joy out of the day’s outing from her. Inside I am shaking with fright at the thought of dying. My life has changed in those few moments. “My end is nearer and I will be lying in a grave,” the thought is giving me chills.

The whole day passed in a blur for me. I didn’t enjoy it one bit. In my heart I was continually praying to God for His Mercy. I was asking for Forgiveness for any misdeeds I may have done. Before sleeping I hugged and kissed my daughter and asked for forgiveness from her. She was immediately alarmed and asked whether I was okay. I tried to reassure her and said, “Just in case I am no longer alive tomorrow.” She panicked and said, “No Mama, nothing is going to happen to you.” She hugged me fiercely and held me.

I went to bed convinced of an impending death, but morning comes and there I am, still alive. I give a silent prayer of thanks to my Creator. I still think to this day, that the paper must have been a death threat to a person with the same initial as myself, and whether that person is dead now.

In response to Daily Prompt.Everything Changes


When you are ten
Your dreams have wings
They float, they soar
Higher and higher
To a world unknown

Fate intervenes
What you want to become
In the loss of a parent
A guiding hand
Compassionate and caring
Leaving you stranded
Your dreams get shattered

Hope then dies
There is only loss
The future gets lost
Only mourning remains
You mourn your past
Future and tomorrow

Life goes by
Contentment does come
With what God gives
You can’t predict
What the future holds
You find your niche
A life to behold

This is in response to the Daily Prompt.
Dreams, Daily Prompt

Life After Blogs

The love of my life
The bane of my existence
If I had not known you
I would cease to exist

You show me the world
With a touch of my hands
I gain knowledge
Of distant lands

I mingle with people far away
Make friends for life anyway

Life After Blogs

This is in response to
Your life without a computer!
What does it look like?

A Pinch Of You

Mother wanted a child. It was past seven years and a few months now. Time was passing in a blur. She begged God day and night.


Her pleas finally got God’s attention. The materials at hand were;
Shyness Cups Unlimited
Bashfulness Cups Unlimited
Indecisiveness as much you want
Blushes 1 Cup
Neatness 3/4 Cup
Cleanliness 1 Cup
Forgetfulness 1/2 Cup
Brains 3/4 Cup
Fairness plus Brown Hair plus Brown Eyes as needed
Books to be used as blood in the body so the child gets hungry for them the minute she sniffs

All these He put together. He sent the Concoction to the Mother.


She was ecstatic at getting the Gift from God. Nine months later she held her baby girl in her arms.


She prayed for a baby
And a baby she got
But Alas! The time she had
Was a time too short

She enjoyed this baby. In a period of five years more she got three more babies. Finally she left them all to Life’s Harsh Winds for her Final Abode.


That baby grew up, and morphed into a young lady. Met Life’s Companion. Got married. Got Life’s Joys. (Two Kids) The Life’s Companion, she had, left alone on a Final Journey to Eternity.

The Life we had
And the life, I live now
Was Spring
Now it’s Fall

Galveston Beach 2010

Storm photo and mother praying, courtesy of Web.

A Pinch Of You/weekly writing challenge

Thank you God

Dear Allah, I wanted to thank you. You have given me, an insignificant human being, a mere speck in this world, a lot of things. Some are those, for which I asked, and some those, which you bestowed upon me without my asking. “You are my One, True God.”

You made me whole giving me eye sight, the gift of hearing and the use of my limbs. You have given me good health. Masha-Allah. You have given me shelter in the house I live. Suppose I was on the streets without a roof over my head, how would have I fared?

You give me my daily food, all the things I like to eat. There are so many people out there in the world, who go without food and remain hungry. You have given me drinkable water, clear and sweet. Without it I would not have survived.

You gave me a father, who was kind and lovable.

You gave me a husband, who loved me and looked after me, till death took him away.

You gave me two children, who are the best in this world.

I can mention a whole lot of things. It’s endless. You are Merciful, Kind and Great.

You gave me everything I wished for. I remember once I wanted cherries to eat and there were none in sight. H came from the office, bearing a box of cherries. I was amazed and delighted, “How did you get it?”

“A friend sent it from Quetta.”
I confessed, “This morning I was wishing for cherries.” He laughed and said, “You should have wished for something better.” And this happened a lot of times. Whenever I wished for cherries, I got them.

I love Lichees. Dear God, you gave me trees full of Lichees in my own home, where I can have them to my heart’s content. The many times I yearned for a thing, I got it.

Dear Allah, I thank you for all you have given me. I know I cannot thank you enough, for the kindness and infinite mercy you have shown me. I love you God. Please forgive me for my shortcomings. Please bear with my one wish now, and let it come true. “Dear God, save me from hell, and give me a place in your Heaven, when I leave this world for my ever lasting home. Amen.”

Thank you God