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Recently we (my daughter, her family and I) attended a wedding in Lahore. I should have taken a photo of the exterior of the wedding hall, but I didn’t. It was magnificent, and so was the interior. I feel so sorry for not taking a picture. I should have. I’m annoyed with myself for missing opportunities.

We went there early before the other guests arrived, and were the first to be there after the host, and his family. It was a co-incidence that the bride, and the wedding hall’s names were the same. 

The last photo is of the stage set for the bride, and the groom.

This was the only wedding in which there were two stages — one in the men’s section (you can see it in the photo on top), and another one in the women’s section of the hall. The planners thought that the groom would grace the stage in the men’s section first, and later when the bride arrived, he would join her. But that didn’t happen. 

The groom came to the women’s section, and sat on stage waiting for his bride. He never went to the other stage set for him only. The bride was extra ordinary pretty. 



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