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Irritating Gimmick

It has happened to me quite a few times. No I said it wrong— it happens all the time. It is highly irritating! What is it with those sadists who gives us the news? They give a tantalizing headline , or photo, and then you keep on clicking to find out the main thing with which you were attracted to it, and wanted to read.

Believe me it never happens. Short of wasting time, you never find out what you were looking for. I’m a calm person, but I lose my cool after half an hour of worthless clicking. I feel like gnashing my teeth. I feel the ache in my jaws after a futile search.

Why are they adamant on wasting our time?

Where I Am

I am sitting in my late husband’s village and looking after the renovation of my village home. There is no internet. I was hopeful that the village property which is worth quite a lot will sell. The person who was initially interested led me to assume that he will pay me in time. He was going to pay me less than half of what it’s worth. Now he told me that he will pay me half the money and the rest after six months. In return he wanted me to hand over the front plot of land which is commercial area and is of greater value. 

I didn’t try to contact other buyers, and now it will be a wise decision to wait till I return to my homeland. But now I am in a fix as how to have a roof over my head in my adopted land. Thanks to a devious buyer!

I will be posting when I come back to Peshawar and look up what other bloggers are posting.


Playing Hooky

What’s the longest stretch you’ve ever pulled off of posting daily to your blog? What did you learn about blogging through that achievement, and what made you break the streak?


Hey dear WordPress it has been a week you are not letting me on the grid.😩

For the past one and a half year I have diligently toiled to put in a post, except for one, or two posts I didn’t write.

During the lapses I was either traveling, or not well. Once, or twice I didn’t have internet.

You have never said a word of encouragement, or telling me about the mistakes I did. 😢