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I’m happy to get an invitation to a party, wedding or a get together. The day arrives, my enthusiasm has worn off, and on the actual day I wish I didn’t have to attend the event. Once I actually forgot an invite, and realized it a day later on. To take care that doesn’t happen again I post a reminder to myself.

Yesterday my late husband’s first cousin came. Her son is getting married. She wanted me to attend the three days activities. Just thinking of three days festivities felt tiring, so I said yes to one day only, and that is the day of the wedding. 

It’s cold, and with no electricity, or gas, it’s simply hell staying in our village. After spending two days, and nights at my village home, I am back in Peshawar. It feels like heaven to have heating. In the village with no electricity the water was simply freezing. The bed was ice cold, and even changing to wear pajamas to bed was a chore I dreaded. Trying to get my back warmed up I would lie straight all night, but it didn’t help.

The wedding is on Saturday. Thinking of spending a night in the village home looks like a nightmare in this cold, and rainy weather. 



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