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Guests, and Visits

When you tell someone you are feeling lonely, somehow it becomes a prelude to getting invited (by that someone) to go, and stay. Ooh! I don’t want the invitation for God’s sake please. Just at the moment I’m wallowing in loneliness.

I find the invites not sincere when the person says, “Why don’t you come, and stay (for an indefinite period) with us? We will be so happy to have you.” Let me say, I for one won’t like a guest staying indefinitely with me, and I think it’s like that for most of us. I will find the situation intolerable. My question is why do they spew this nonsense? How can I leave my own home, and live with others?

That excludes my dear daughter. I love going, and visiting her. She does her best in looking after me. Although she is my daughter, but she coddles me as if she is my mother. Masha’Allah La Quwata Ilabillah.

For the past few months Son has been a traveler. His company sends him all over the country. In the beginning I thought that once the company starts having clientele in Houston, Son’s travels will stop, and I will have him for keeps. Alas! It’s not to be. The travels will increase in the coming months.

His travels increases my trepidation at being alone. Two weeks earlier I had a fall in the bathroom. Fortunately Son was at home. It was my own fault. Son, and I were going out for a walk. I rushed into the bathroom in a hurry, and didn’t put on the light. I needed to wear socks, and tried to sit on the stool in my bathroom in the dark. I went sprawling backwards,and hit my head on the floor. Lesson one learnt, Always put on the light 💡 first. Second one was getting a sturdier stool for sitting.

My elbows, and head hurt quite a bit for a few days, but I hid that from Son, fearful for getting continued lectures from him. I did get a marathon, as he helped me in getting up from the floor.