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Irritating Gimmick

It has happened to me quite a few times. No I said it wrong— it happens all the time. It is highly irritating! What is it with those sadists who gives us the news? They give a tantalizing headline , or photo, and then you keep on clicking to find out the main thing with which you were attracted to it, and wanted to read.

Believe me it never happens. Short of wasting time, you never find out what you were looking for. I’m a calm person, but I lose my cool after half an hour of worthless clicking. I feel like gnashing my teeth. I feel the ache in my jaws after a futile search.

Why are they adamant on wasting our time?


Lala (older brother), and I hold different views on everything under the sun. Whereas he tries to blast people’s ears with honking, I would like to forbid its’ usage – only to be used under most dire circumstances. 

When we are going some place in my car, Lala drives my driver nuts by telling him to honk every other minute. The driver has my clear instructions not to use the horn, while Lala tells him otherwise when he is sitting in the front seat. Lala smilingly revels in any opportunity to do so. My driver remains confused who to listen to.

I have always found honking terribly offensive. On roads in home country I’m particularly terrified of bus horns. Their sound is highly grating, loud and irritating on ears. One of my close friend J lost her husband to heart attack brought on by the honking of bus drivers.



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