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Reading romance novels, I often come across the paragraph where the hero buries his nose in the heroine’s hair, and loves doing so. Alas! That was not quite the case with us. 😢 . By us I mean my late husband, and I. He would rudely say, “Cover your hair, it tickles my nose, and I can’t sleep.” It would effectively kill any romantic thoughts I would be having towards him.

I was quite young. I disappointedly used to wonder that something must be wrong with the hair I had upon my head. I was dejected. It’s recently I’m able to see his view point. My hair has been falling intermittently. Sometimes they land upon my face, or arm. They tickles the skin annoyingly. No wonder my poor husband felt irritated with my hair.

And another thing I have realized is that whatever the romance writers write is never the truth.

In Angry Mode

How do I get pass my anger?

I try to distance myself from the source of anger.

Take deep calming breaths.

Take a glass of cold water to drink.

Get busy with work, so as to forget my source of irritation.

The first few hours are difficult then it gets easy to forgive and forget.

And the perks of getting older is: one doesn’t get riled easily.



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