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Son and I need to harmonize over different ways of tackling issues which arises in our lives. Being a mother — all I do is keep worrying, and feel helpless in making Son face the  many problems in front of us. He has lost his will to solve the myriad of issues which has landed on his head. He keeps his head buried in the sand like an Ostrich, thinking the problems will go away, or get solved on their own.

The chief one was his job. He got laid off in the beginning of this month. He applied, and thankfully received many offers. Some were more paying than his previous one, but they were in Boston, New York, Florida and other cities. The one offer he got here in Houston was twenty thousand less than his previous one.

For the sake of his youngest son IB, he decided to accept the offer here. If he had accepted one elsewhere, IB won’t be able to frequently visit him.

My next concern is that we find a cheaper place than the one we are presently occupying  so that he saves money in the long run. He wasn’t paying attention to what I have been pointing out to him throughout this month, but his sister made him see reason. Hopefully I pray this issue gets resolved in the coming week, and we do find a better place financially, and safety wise Insha’Allah.

Then there are more issues which we need to co ordinate between Son and I. I am getting stressed, and feel my head will burst if something is not done immediately. 



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