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I Will Always Hope

In Retrospect
by Ben Huberman
Yesterday you invented a new astrological sign. Today, write your own horoscope — for the past month (in other words, as if you’d written it October 1st).

A horoscope for me:

Don’t give up hope. Things will definitely improve in the months to come. Live up to your sign. You are strong, courageous, and resilient.

Meanwhile I’ll always hope:

Hope for a better future.
Hope for good things to come.
Hope everything will be allright.
Hope God will always bestow His Blessings on me, and you. Ameen.

I don’t read, or believe in horoscopes. It’s just a twist of words. On reading a horoscope you will find a general statement about your day. Or it can be a prediction about some good coming your way, or vice versa, and that’s it.

To believe such baloney shows utter naivety.

How the fortune tellers predict your future, you can read it on this link, sent to me by my daughter.

Excerpts taken from Ask Imam:
The Jinns used to eavesdrop freely without being expelled from the upper terrestrial realms. They would listen to the discussions of the Angels to learn about future events. Then they would reveal the information to fortune tellers. The people who went to them would believe. They thought that the fortune tellers possessed knowledge, and that’s how people were deceived.

After our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the Jinns were barred from entering all the upper terrestrial spheres, therefore they could no longer eavesdrop on the Angels. Whenever the Jinns do it, they are pursued by a flaming, shooting star.

God has made Angels from light, the Jinns from fire, and us Humans from clay.


The Quiet Ones

Tell us about a blogpost you didn’t publish.


Our house in the village is purported to have Jinns (spirits, spooks) living there. Whenever we keep a watchman he goes and sleeps in the servant quarters away from the house. As a watchman he should sleep in the servant room in the house. But God knows who ever we keep, that person at night stays away.

In a way it is good, any burglar won’t come during night time. Although a few months back with the connivance of our watchman someone did burgle the house. Probably he did it during daytime. I had to tell my brother in law to sack the watch man.

My daughter in law she is afraid of spending nights there. She would close the windows and draw the curtains. She would keep a light on the whole night.

Before coming here to live with my son, I went and stayed for a few days. My purpose was to visit my husband’s grave in the family graveyard and say good bye. I stayed alone in the house. It was very peaceful.

I was a bit apprehensive being the only person in the house. My husband’s relatives did suggest to me to call the watchman’s wife and tell her to sleep with me. I didn’t want a strange woman breathing down my neck at every turn I took. She wouldn’t have slept in an adjoining room and would have insisted in sleeping in my bedroom. I did think the spooks seeing me alone might make an appearance to frighten me. Thank God they didn’t. They went about their business very quietly not bothering me at all.

At load shedding (meaning no electricity) times I was not troubled. It used to be pitch dark. A lot of trees surround the house and when there is no electricity and moonless night the darkness is oppressive.

My conclusion is, I think the spooks didn’t want my heart failure at their hands.

The Quiet Ones