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In two weeks time I’m looking forward to an annual stay with daughter. She was happy when I e -mailed her my itinerary. Every year I mentally prepare myself for traveling. I wish there was an easy way. Air traveling is exhausting. The long wait at the airports, the frantic dash to locate the correct terminals in between stopovers, and the to, and fro journeys to the airport from another city. I feel lost in huge airports.

This year is my first after three years, in not traveling on second August which is late husband’s death anniversary. Somehow without planning it consciously I would be journeying on that date to some place else. Last year Son had gone for Haj, and I made a trek from Houston to Hartford. This year Nola lives in Dallas, and I’m again faraway in Massachusetts.

Every year I vow to myself, next time I will refuse when Nola starts pressing me for an annual visit. I will try to pacify her in accepting that I don’t want to travel, because it’s simply tiring. Then fear of her acute disappointment in not seeing me, makes me change my mind. She always make a point in saying, “Mama! You only have to buy one ticket, whereas I will have to buy more tickets so that we can be together “. At times like these I wish both children lived in the same city, and I was spared the botheration of traveling.