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While returning to our city home after a few days stay in the village, my late husband R would stop at the Bakshipul Kabab shop on the way to Peshawar. There was a huge rush on this shop while there were few customers at the other shops in the vicinity selling kababs.

My only contention with dear husband was to buy less rather than more which he was prone to do. He would buy enough kababs which could last for an army. I like fresh food. I don’t like storing in the freezer. The fresh ones tasted much better. I disliked them when taken from the freezer to be heated, and served. It created a mess in the frying pan. They wouldn’t remain whole, and if I heated them in the microwave they tended to be dry.

One other thing which I didn’t like was the shop bought kababs had too many eggs added to the meat. It was like eating eggs not meat.

A time came when R stopped buying. Why? A new highway got built which was a shorter, and swifter route to the village. We stopped using the old motorway, and having kababs from that place became a thing of the past.



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A Happy Eid-ul-Duha to everyone.

Downtown XL Center – the makeshift  Eidgah where the Eid Prayers took place.

We went to downtown Hartford for the Eid prayers. The children and elders all wore new clothes to bring a zing to our Eid.

Here I am wearing the same clothes I wore on last Eid. I have to make do with a few clothes I brought with me from Peshawar. The shalwar, qameez and dopatta ensemble comes in usage like today’s occasion.

Two Black American Ladies who had come to offer Eid Prayers 

We had a lunch get together  in a park. There was chicken barbecued outside. Everybody contributed a dish, or two. There ware two types of cooked rice, various salads, hot dogs, kababs, barbecued chicken pieces, and many dishes of desserts. It was lovely meeting new people. I made new friends among the ladies. Their enthusiasm at meeting me waned a bit after learning that I was leaving, and going back to Houston in ten days time.

From here Houston seems as far away as the moon. 




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Today is the first of Ramadan. Our thirty days fasting have started. At the end of Ramadan, we will have our first Eid. My daughter will be reaching Washington today. She wanted me to spend Eid with her, but I can’t abandon my son, and grandson to their devices, as my son’s wife has gone to Peshawar for the summer vacation.

For the last two years I haven’t bought clothes. There are shops in downtown Houston where my kind of clothes are available. Buying clothes back home are a lot cheaper, more variety, and better quality too. The added advantage by having them stitched by a tailor for my size. So I won’t be having new clothes for Eid.

But that’s not a pressing problem. The one actually is that I have to decide what to cook for our evening meal.

I stare into the contents of the freezer. Should I make Chapli Kababs from the minced packet of meat, Gen Tso from the chicken breasts, or Tikkas from the mutton packet, or simply make spinach chicken.

Which will it be?

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