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I Banned Myself

A Variety Show, and dinner was being held at our Army Ladies Club. I had been attending it from the day we landed at Peshawar. Many a time, I thought of leaving it for good, but would think it all over again. I kept attending meetings, dinners and functions. After all it was a way to meet old friends, and enjoy a few hours of each others’ company.

I reached the gates of the club. It was an Army Officers Mess which we used for the meetings.  After getting thoroughly investigated by the guards on duty at the gates, and showing them my ID and driver’s license I was allowed to pass through. Our way of life changed with the advent of terrorism, making life difficult for us.

I usually parked my car inside the premises of the club, but on this particular day the sentry wouldn’t allow me, even after seeing my car had all the requisite stickers on it. I asked to see his senior. He came, but it was still a big No. I left with my cheeks burning a bright shade of red with anger. My (late) husband was astonished to see me home within such a short time. He expected to see me after nine in the evening.

I banned myself from the club from that day onward. If I had to park my car on the roadside, and it wasn’t allowed inside,  I had no need to go back there.




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One of my Dreams

Daily Prompt: Strike a Chord
Do you play an instrument? Is there a musical instrument whose sound you find particularly pleasing. Tell us a story about your experience or relationship with an instrument of your choice.

Wish those were my hands playing the piano

If I could find a lamp with a genie, my first wish would be to learn, and read the music notes of how to play the piano. Alas! I never found one.

Oh! Come to think of it, I did get as a going away present (from a ladies club) a small brass one.

Where is it lying now?

I think (I am not really sure), I must have given it away when I was disposing things right, and left, after R passed away.

I realize (much to my chagrin), I should have rubbed it to find whether any genie had resided inside it. It would have been a quick way of getting a wish true.

It’s too late now to think about it.

Maybe one of these days I get a piano, and then see about a teacher to come, and give me lessons.

One of my Dreams