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My Faithful Buddy

My nearest to having a buddy is my car. It can take me to stores for buying sustainance, or anything required. Women friends I like, live quite a distance from me, so we can meet occasionally. Going for a visit is a problem. I have yet to acquire a driving license.

People tend to tell me “if you need to go tell me”. For Heaven’s sake I am not going to ask. If you really want to help someone tell them a time to get ready and then take them.

People at dmv in Charlottesville tend to more Trump like in attitude towards Muslims. I am shying of another test there after my last encounter. My children suggested Waynesboro,  Staunton, or Richmond for a test. They are at a distance from where I live.

I do shorter drives to Food Lion,Kroger, or Exon for gas, then scuttle back home.

Day before yesterday I needed a fan for days when it gets warm. The choice was to go to Lowe’s or Walmart. I needed groceries too. I reached Walmart and parked my car. When I came out with my purchases it had rained and it looked like there was going to be another downpour coming.

I looked for my car. I couldn’t see it. One lady wanting to help told me to press the panic button on my car key to locate it. Nothing happened. I continued my quest for a sighting on my buddy, all the time praying for not getting drenched from the skies above.

A husband and wife climbed out of their car and asked me , “do you need help?” The wife laughed as she told me when she looked at my face she knew what I was looking for. She told me she had exactly the same expression on her face when she had mislaid her vehicle a month back. They asked about the make, color and number plate on the car. Both went in opposite directions. The wife came back — no success.

Her husband returned with the good news of where it was parked. Both were angels in helping me. Who cares a hoot in giving their time to a stranger? Both of them restored the sense of goodness in people. I hope we get to elect people like these not Donald Trump.



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