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A Light Needed

This is Masha’Allah our third year in our present home. The first time I glimpsed the house on the pages sent by the realtor, I fell in love with it. I was a bit apprehensive before seeing the house that it may not look as good as in the pictures. It had happened to me in reality.

This was back in 2013. I was looking for a small apartment to live on my own, away from Son and his wife (his ex now). The realtor showed me one. It looked gorgeous in pictures. It turned out to be completely different, and extremely dirty. It required a fortune to renovate, which was beyond my means.

Coming to the story of our present home, it wasn’t a total disappointment. The outside was as it looked in pictures. There were certain drawbacks, but nothing which couldn’t be fixed. One such minor thing was the patio light in the backyard.

I asked Son, time and again —— please change the light.

You can think that in two years time that an itsy bitsy problem must have ceased to exist. An empathetic NO. It’s still there. Alas! Son, and I don’t look at things the same way. What I need is a simple light which can light up the backyard with a touch of a button. Son bought a sensor light which didn’t light up when needed. For a few seconds it came on, and then you kept waving at it, danced before it, did acrobats, it refused to come on.

My bedroom windows faces the backyard. At night I could see the light was on most of the time. Probably it came on for a mosquito to see its’ way, or for a snail crawling on the patio, or for the wind blowing. For us it wouldn’t light up.

A day, or so earlier Son gave me the good news that he had installed a new light. Last night I checked it. What a bummer! This new one had a camera too. Whilst it blinked furiously at me in the dark there wasn’t any light I could see switching on.

I can resign myself for another wait of two years.

Day Forty Six (A Journey with Quran)

Surah An Nisa: Ayats 81 —- 90

They say, “We obey,” but when they leave you, a bunch of them brood through the night on the opposite of what you’ve taught them, though Allah is keeping a record of their nightly tirades, so steer clear of them. Place your reliance upon Allah, for Allah is enough to take care of things. [81]

Haven’t they considered the Qur’an with care? If it were from any other (source) besides Allah, then they would’ve found many matters of disagreement within it. [82]

Whenever the (hypocrites hear) rumors about safety or impending danger, they announce it publicly (without checking on it first). If they would only refer the matter to the Messenger or to the proper authorities among them, then investigators could check on the incidents with them. If it wasn’t for Allah’s grace and mercy towards you, all save for a few of you would’ve followed Satan. [83]

Fight in the cause of Allah, though you’re only responsible for your own self. Rally the believers. Allah will surely restrain the power of the faithless, for Allah is the strongest power and the strongest punisher. [84]

Whoever makes a recommendation in a good cause becomes a part of it. Whoever makes a recommendation in an evil cause shares responsibility in it. Allah has the power to direct all things. [85]

When someone gives you a greeting, reciprocate with a nicer greeting than that or one equally as nice, for Allah is keeping track of all things. [86]

Allah! There is no god but He. He’s going to gather you all together on the Day of Assembly, and there’s no doubt about that! Now whose word can be more honest than Allah’s? [87]

So what’s wrong with you that you’ve split into two groups (of opinion) about the hypocrites? Allah has thrown them by the wayside because of what they’ve earned. Do you want to try and guide one whom Allah has left astray? Whomever Allah leaves astray will never discover a way (out of darkness)! [88]

The (hypocrites) only want you to cover over (the truth of Allah in your hearts) like they’ve covered it over (in their hearts), for then you’ll be on the same level. So, don’t take best friends from among them until they migrate, for Allah’s sake, (to Medina). If they become rebels (and make war against you), then capture them or kill them (in battle) wherever you find them. Don’t take close allies or helpers from among them, [89] unless it’s with those who join a faction with which you have a treaty (of peace), or those who come to you with hearts that hold them back from fighting you – and fighting their own people! If Allah had wanted, He could’ve given them an advantage over you, and they would’ve fought you. If they stay back and don’t try to fight you and instead send you (offers) of peace, then Allah hasn’t given you any legitimate reason (to fight against them). [90]

Translation: Yahiya Emerick


Would love a panoply of lights

To brighten the dark recesses of my life

Chasing away the sad happenings

Lightening every burden I carry

And irradiate every aspect of my life

(Sheen-December 2016)




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The Invisible Border

There was an unwritten rule concerning our bed (my late husband R, and mine). Wherever we were, I would sleep on the side nearest to the bathroom. R was a light sleeper. He would wake up in the blink of an eye. It was his army way to wake up instantly. He couldn’t tolerate the slightest of noise. I had to be extra careful when he was asleep, so that his sleep won’t be disturbed.

I wouldn’t put on the light. In darkness I would take steps to the bathroom, when the need arose. In the same instant he was considerate, and sweet when I wasn’t in the bedroom, when he would go to sleep. He would put on a light, so that I wouldn’t stumble. My daughter often remarked when she was home with us, that her husband had never left a light burning for her, when he needed to sleep, and she wasn’t there.

Another rule was the invisible border between the sides of our king sized bed. We were not to cross it. Of course he was exempt from this rule. The person who had to follow it, was me. He was the king of our small kingdom (home), and the rule was whatever the king decreed you had to do as he wished. Sometimes he would purposely sleep on my side of the bed, holding my pillow in his arms to tease me, wanting to know how I will take it.

His legs would cross the border into my domain. When I would point out this discrepancy, he had valid reasons — he had longer legs, the bed was small, and I should make generous allowances in his case. Sometimes I would roll to his side in sleep forcing him to the edge. He would try to push me gently to my side of the bed, so as not to wake me and get his space back.

When I would object to something, he would use his ultimate pretext that he could sleep in the guest room if I am not happy. He knew I wouldn’t like it, so he got his way.

I still sleep the same way– on one side of the bed. The other side lies empty.


Daily Prompt


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There is a stark contrast between night and day

With the light of the day my fears recede

And they go away

When evening arrives, and darkness creeps over

The fearful dread of the night takes over

Gloom and doom fill my heart

Though I try to brush the awful feelings away

With dread and trepidation I do cower

Then morning and lightness comes my way

I’ll be alright I believe with fervor

(Sheen- March 2016)



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New Dawn

How often you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late ……)


Grey and pink colors suffuse the sky
Taking dainty steps the new dawn emerge

From a deep slumber of soothing night
Chasing away inky darkness to verge

Bright light spreads so gradually
Over the horizon the sun converge