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I have grown foreign to my home country Pakistan, because after my husband died, I shifted here to be with my children. Every year I go for a visit to settle the various issues which arises during my absence from there. I feel lost, because the place I lived is no longer the same. I feel frustration in dealing with the problems I face during my stay there.

Roads are blocked. You can’t pass, unless you show your ID half a dozen times, and answer the oft repeated question as to why you are passing through that particular locality. The short journey which should have taken only a few minutes stretches into hours. The roads are not built to the exceedingly high number of vehicles on it. One is always bumper to bumper with the car ahead, and behind. No traffic rules are followed.

In the two months I spent there, I only visited once my older brother, and that the day I missed my plane. Visiting Lala required herculeous efforts in getting to his home, and they were really beyond me.

Then the price of items like fruit, and vegetables never fail to surprise me. I’m told this comes from India, this is from Kabul, or Kandahar, or Ceylon. So what are we doing? Twiddling our thumbs. The cost of a mere five yards of cloth (I require for a shalwar, and shirt) runs into thousands. I’m not sitting on a treasure trove of unending money. How does one exist? Please let me regain my sanity….

The price of everyday items have gone up beyond one can realistically apprehend.

The ultimate annoying thing is the litter everywhere, and the ugly markings, and advertisements on the walls. It makes it so hideous. Why aren’t those punished, or fined?


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Daily Prompt: City Planners
If you could clone one element from another city you’ve visited — a building, a cultural institution, a common street food etc — and bring it to your home town, what would it be?


The one thing I would like to bring back would be manners. There is definitely a lack of manners.

I stayed in Troy, NY, for three months. That was way back. Maybe the people there have changed too.

I do find people here lacking in manners.

If you were going after some person right into the building, the one ahead of you, would hold the door open for you, and let you pass. Nobody does it here.

Another thing is, if you are the one holding the door, the person you let through doesn’t say, thank you. He or she thinks, you are the official doorman, or something like that. Maybe the person thinks, he or she is a royalty.

Total strangers would give you a smile, if accidentally your eyes met. Sorry, there is no smile here. If you smile at them, in return you get a stare which effectively freezes you. Maybe they have Botox in their cheeks, they can’t smile.

People have started littering. On walks I see things thrown on the grass, or near a shrub. That is so annoying.