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Having You

Dear, although at the moment we are away from each other, I’m looking forward to be with you for forever. How I longed for you, you just can’t imagine. I want to put my arms around you to hug you, but you are so big (haha). I know it’s impossible. My hands won’t be able to get around you. I want to hold you to myself, and tell you how I love you, dear heart. You have been neglected for so long, but you kept a stoic upper lip, and waited for me to come into your life to take care of you.

Love you. It was love at first sight. I promise I will always cherish you my lovely home to be ……..

Did I misled you dear readers? How was the surprise?


Vanished love, vanished hopes

Doesn’t exist anymore

Buried under years gone by

Silent, and retreating

No longer here anymore

No farewells said

Time vanished into air

Love couldn’t stay anymore

(Sheen-December 2016)




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Promise you will love me always

I hope a promise  you won’t break

Promise you will come back to me

Promise that you won’t make me wait

If the promises you make are not true

Into a thousand pieces my heart will break

(Sheen-October 2016)




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Ice cold eyes stared at me

Cutting me in pieces with their scorn

How could have thought he loved me

Was all a sham, just a dream

Not answering my pleas

Not answering my love

The silence stretched

Unbroken and long

(Sheen-September 2016)




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Today the topic for the daily prompt is moon. Just days earlier I bought a small gift for my daughter Nola to give her, when we meet Insha’Allah. When the on button is pressed the moon and stars light up. 

Here is a picture.




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Don’t Whisper Anymore


Words of love and endearment

We whispered in each other ears

We had so much to share

As we cuddled together

Whispering so no one beside us could hear


We don’t whisper anymore

Our ears can’t hear —– sign of old age




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Yin to my Yang

If people waited for their soulmate to materialize, they would had to wait forever. How do you know the person across from you is your soulmate? It can be a chance in a lifetime.

If I had known I had a soulmate somewhere in the world, I would have said no to father. He got me engaged at the age of fifteen to a man I had never seen and didn’t know. I got married when there was still a month left to my eighteenth birthday. Thank God I didn’t say no, otherwise I wouldn’t had my two lovely children.

 Love between two people grow when you work at it, and iron out your differences. It’s just like nurturing a plant to grow and spread.

R (who was twelve years older than me) and I were two completely different people. We weren’t the yin and yang. It wasn’t rosy all the way. As usual we were having a difference of opinion. He wasn’t listening to me. Throughly fed up with his pigheadedness, I told him,”I spent my lifetime with you on this earth, but I am going to ask God to give you someone else as a wife in the Hereafter. I won’t like to be your wife there”.

Before storming out of the room I heard him say, “And I am going to ask God to give you to me there too”.

I laughed, and my irritation with him evaporated in a second.

👥                        👥                    👥                      👥                          👥

Daily Prompt: Yin to My Yang

How do you define the term “soulmate,” and do you believe in the existence of such a person — for you?


When Childhood Ends

My childhood ended at age five. The love and security ended with mother’s death. Father couldn’t cope with one teenager and four young ones on his own. We all got divided. Suddenly we didn’t have a home.

My three year old brother and I, got sent with uncle who was father’s younger brother. I grew up the instant we started living with uncle and aunt. I became a mother to my younger brother, looking after him and shielding him from being kicked or slapped by our cousins.

A few months later father came to see us. I kept crying till he agreed to take us along with him. 



When Childhood Ends

Write about a defining moment in your life when you were forced to grow up in an instant (or a series of instants).


From You to You

My darling younger self,

The days you are living now will soon become a distant memory. At the end of October, next year when your fifteenth birthday comes, you will have acquired a stepmom by then. Life will be harder to live. Don’t lose your sanity, and hang on to God.

Father will change. He will be loving no more. Don’t take his harshness to heart, because in the year after next he won’t be alive. These are the last years of his life. Be loving to him, and to your two younger brothers and sister. In the years to come they are going to suffer more than you ever did. I am sorry to spring this on you.

Keep away, and beware of the uncles and aunt you have. They only have their own interests at heart. Don’t be too trusting.

From the elder you.

Twenty years from now.

Dear Love,

Are you still hanging out there? Hope life doesn’t have more surprises for you, and you haven’t lost heart.

Take care, and be alive.

From Me to You.

From You to You

Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself in 20 years.