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The best thing which happened to me was finding the pool table in the common room on the ground floor. Since then, Son, and I have been addicted to playing every night before going to bed. The only time we don’t play is when Son has to leave early in the morning for his job. This means he has to go early to bed: so no pool playing. Sometimes we have to wait for our turn when someone else is playing there. It’s a torturous wait — willing the persons there to end quickly, so we get a chance at playing.

While Son is getting better all the time, I’m going from bad to worse. When we began Son had played a bit earlier, while I was a complete novice. It seems I was good while not knowing. One game would be a draw, and one of us would win in the other two rounds. Now Son is winning all the time, and I’m the loser. Ugh!

I’m provoked into playing more rounds in the hope of winning. No such luck!


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Che, Here I Come!

My hair is in pretty bad shape nowadays. I am waiting for Che, till I reach her to get a good hair cut. She is still far away. Personally, I prefer a basic hair cut which does not require any maintenance. Just a flick of a comb and you are done with it. I hate spending time in front of a mirror styling hair.

Most of the time I am living in Peshawar, Pakistan. For the past fifteen years, I used to go to Sophie for a hair cut. I would go to her after three months or so and my hair would still look nice. She sort of realized that I went to her after a longer period. She started giving me a hair cut which lasted only twenty days or so. I would start looking like a moron at the end of the said period. Another downside to it was that my hair got shorter and shorter. To look good I had to visit her.

Then one day she went too far with my hair. There are no words to describe it. In plain words, it was just terrible. I was horrified when I looked into the mirror. To this day, I have not gone back to her. I hid from my husband beneath a cap for two months. I was lucky that it was exceptionally cold that winter, otherwise my husband would have cracked a multitude of jokes at my expense.