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The Finger Crack

To my horror it gave a resounding crack. For a few moments, I stood frozen in my space. I looked at my painful digit in an unbelievable stare. Fearing I was going to the Emergency in the next few minutes, I felt terrified at the prospect.

During my recent visit to daughter, I wanted to make garlic bread. I stopped kneading flour years ago. Back in Peshawar, I have a dough making machine. Here, I use an electric mixer for the job. Whenever I visit Nola, I miss my home cooked roti (flat bread) to go with meals. Urging her to buy a mixer, she won’t comply. Says she doesn’t need it. She has the hand held one which obviously can’t be used to knead dough.

She had asked me to buy her a dough making machine, when she saw mine. I bought one for her. I had ascertained from the shopkeeper that it would work on DC current. It didn’t. Apparently the shop keeper lied to me while charging me more for it. Nola tried to find an adapter for changing the current from AC to DC. She couldn’t find one, and had to throw away the machine.

I had used my hand to knead the dough in Nola’s home. After the initial pain, it subsided. I watched my right finger anxiously for some time, thinking if it swelled, I would have to see a doctor. Thankfully, it didn’t. I feel it was dislocated, and slipped into its joint when I pressed my fingers into the dough.