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My grandsons were three and a half, and six months old. We badly needed a maid to look after them, and for cleaning and dusting in the house. Beggars can’t be choosers, so the one we got, we bore with her.

Nothing was safe in our home after she ventured in our midst. One had to keep an eye on her all the time so that she won’t break things. It seemed things went out of their way to get broken. 

I remember the time, I had given her a tray full of food to take it to her brother (he was responsible for outside work), and another person, when I heard a crash. Food, broken plates, and glasses littered the floor. I was in a fix. I had to get more food ready to give them. 

She broke so many of my knick knacks. In the end I put those which survived in a safe place, and the few I let remain, I dusted myself. Can you imagine she managed to damage three vacuum cleaners, two toasters, and three irons.

I would wash those dishes, and cups myself which I wanted safe from getting broken. My work load was more than her. 

I am remembering those days. Do you think she is hiccuping now? When someone remembers a person, he or she starts hiccuping— old wives tale. 




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T and Trouble

Daily Prompt: She Drives Me Crazy
It makes me crazy when people wear their shoes in my house. What habit/act drives you crazy? How do you prevent it from happening?


Maids drive me crazy. I am willing to die with work, rather than keep a maid. I have a bag full of horror stories. My birth country, Pakistan is cheaper than US, and you can have as many servants, as you want.

This is one story about a maid called Tasneem. She was twenty four years old. My husband R got her from his village. I needed help in cleaning my large house. She got a handsome pay from R, and her parents got a piece of our land, and servant quarters to live in.

This girl lived with us. I was adamant after her, never to get one from the village.

Whenever she wanted to go on leave, she never asked me for it. She would go over my head to my husband. He would say yes to her. If she had asked for three days leave, she would stay away for a week. It was her own sweet will.

Her cleaning also needed checking. I would wake up to the dust accumulating on furniture, carpets, and floors. The bathrooms got dirtier day by day, full of fungus. I always cleaned my own bathroom and bedroom.
With her around, I went through three vacuum cleaners, one after the other.
I would clean a bathroom to show her, how it was done. After fifteen days it was back to ground zero.

I did the cooking myself. I only asked her help in it, if I was with guests or going out. What help I required? Only turning of the gas. She never did so in time. The four occasions I asked, left the food, a charred mess.

Glasses and plates, broke into pieces routinely in her hands. Sometimes I came to know only, when I needed them. This piled extra work on me. Fearing she would break my cherished pieces of crockery. I would wash them myself.

When she went on leave, she would take the new clothes with her. She would leave them with her mother and come back in tatters. She was the same size as me. So , I started giving her my clothes and sandals.

The thing which was unforgivable was, that she started making passes at R. He was very good looking, although her father’s age. The miss, after she had her tonsils operation, (at our cost) decided to have a go at him. Little lies about me would be told to R, when I wasn’t around. I am a soul, who never thinks bad of other people, till it’s proven otherwise. I was never the wiser to her game.

Thanks to Lala, (my elder brother) he opened my eyes to her, and what she was upto.

It was good bye to her and her wiles. Even now, after remembering her, my heart pains in anger.

T and Trouble