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What to Do?

Sometimes there are food items in the fridge, I would like to discard. No! They are not pass their due date, but they are not simply liked by our taste buds. What to do?

To throw them in the garbage bin— a waste of food. At the same time eating them is out of question. There are Yoplaits, Son bought them specially for me, as the plain yogurt he buys for himself doesn’t agree with me.

At sometime in my life, I did like them, specially the ones having peaches. They don’t agree with my stomach anymore. Son recently bought a pro biotec variety. It had an awful taste — the first time I had a spoonful of it. I told Son, I didn’t like it, but strangely a few days later, I had another go at it. It tasted better. For the time being they continue to have a spot in the fridge.

I had bought some rice cakes. One shouldn’t buy food items while feeling hungry. I discovered after the first morsel — I shouldn’t have bought them. I have no idea what to do with them.

Son, and I both like salsa with rice. In this case our favorite one got finished. Son bought a huge bottle at a nearby store, but it wasn’t the one we usually bought. Both of us didn’t like it. What to do?

Son thought of giving it to one of his friends– maybe he would like it. I was dead against the idea. How can one give an opened bottle to a a friend? It wasn’t done by my standards. The thing remained in the fridge while both of us decided its ultimate fate. Then one day by chance, the tomato 🍅 spread I used on my pizza dough was finished. In search I scoured the pantry. None found. I used the salsa spread languishing in the fridge. It was fabulous. Now once the bottle gets finished, I will be searching stores for it.

A day earlier, I was wondering should I chuck the things I don’t want into the bin?

Son made me laugh. He told me he knew what I should do?

I looked at him expectedly.

“Give it to the guy upstairs “.

Son to this day has not forgotten. The guy upstairs had left a gift of mangoes at our doorstep — all rotten. I gave him the benefit of doubt, probably he didn’t know, maybe he hadn’t checked.

When I want to get rid of food items, Son always think of him, and try to persuade me to drop the things on the doorstep of the guy upstairs. I will never agree, but I laugh at the remembrance.



 How dismal the thought! But If I have to survive I will try to do any work —teaching, cooking, sewing whatever.

When we were living in Sylhet (Bangladesh) my (late) husband, and I did some bartering (or you can say exchange), of our own. Sylhet was a place where pineapples  grew in abundance.

We used to send pineapples to friends in Chittagong, and Dinajpur. In return we would get mangoes, and Lichees. We had our fill of mangoes, and Lichees in those bygone days.

Women of poor families in the village used to help my mother-in-law in housework—- cooking, doing laundry, and cleaning. In return m-I-l would give them food for the family. 

Till this day (back home), when I need fresh wheat flour, or corn flour from the village flourmill, the mill owner keeps a part of wheat, or corn in exchange for grounding the rest. 


Barter System

If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle?

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