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No Daily Prompt


The daily prompt has gone missing for good. After a daily diet of prompts, there is nothing to look forward anymore. 😣

I looked up the e-book of prompts for inspiration.
The prompt was, “what’s the 11th item on your bucket list?”

There isn’t one on my bucket list. Back home, I hanged a white board in my dressing room, near a long mirror. I wrote necessary chores I had to do. During this period my daughter came for a visit. At the time her youngest one was M3.

M3 after espying the board made a face on it, and added, “love you Nano”.

I never did the chores I had written as a reminder to myself. I didn’t look at it anymore, so I missed M3’s message. A year later on I glanced at it. Actually I avoided looking at it, because I never had time on my side, to do what I intended in the first place.

I rubbed off the list leaving M3’s message. I never write lists anymore.

Memories Rush Back

Daily Prompt: Moved To Tears
Do movies, songs, or other forms of artistic expression easily make you cry? Tell us about a recent tear – jerking experience!

Memories come back when I hear old songs:

Nostalgic are the thoughts coming back to my mind

Tantalizing, hovering, reminding of times gone by

Like a whiff of a vanished adored scent

Memories rush back when I hear those songs

Each moment clear, and dear too

Why I missed (I ask myself) the charm of days long ago

Why does they bring a dull ache to my heart

Alas! I can’t reach them again I know


Bringing Back Memories

Daily Prompt: Climate Control
The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes how does the weather affects your mood?

Weather does affect a person’s mood. A near relative of mine, who lived in Seattle for a year found it depressing. Why? Because of the cloudy sky and constant rain. She is very fond of sunny days. If the sun is out there and shinning, she feels sunny and bright.

For myself, I don’t like dust storms. Dust seems to find its way through closed doors and windows. It always puts me into a black mood. You clean every minuscule of dust to find it back again on every thing. I don’t like the back tiring cleaning of my home.

Different weather reminds me of various phases of my life. It brings back memories.

Early morning, when the sun is slowly climbing the horizon, and if there is smell of a wood fire, it reminds me of my mother-in-law. In her days gas had not reached my husband’s village.

My in-laws grew trees for wood fire on their property. So early morning my mother-in-law along with two maids, would be making tea and parathas. It was for the hired hands, who helped with farming. The smell of wood fire was great.

Personally I feel that food cooked on wood fire is always delicious. It tastes marvelous.

Thunder storms and rain brings back memories of Sylhet, Bangla Desh where my son was born. We (my husband and I) occupied and shared the house with another family. We lived on the upper floor.

We were surrounded by the towering trees. I simply loved it. The only drawback was the clap of thunder and lightning. My newborn son would shake and jump a mile in his cot, with every deafening clap of thunder.


When the weather is cold, and there is a wind blowing, I get back to another period of my life. My husband loved the brightness of bougainvilleas’ flowers. They were a great many of them. Some he had coaxed, to climb up to the terrace of our home. They looked spectacular.

They shed their flowers every day. I was fed up with them. They littered the terrace. Another downside was the neighboring cats climbing up to the terrace on them. The cats left their poos amongst my rooftop garden of plants. That used to be very tiring.

I persuaded my dear husband with great difficulty to remove the bougainvilleas. He was not happy about it. There was a flowering Jasmine alongside of the Bougainvilleas, which climbed the wall to the terrace. I just forgot to tell my husband not to cut it. It’s white flowers smell was heavenly. I mourned it’s loss.

Good riddance to the bougainvilleas. They created more work for me.


Bringing Back Memories

When I Become a Memory

Daily Prompt: Memory on the Menu
Which good memories are better — the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has carved in a sweet haze?


Let me hold onto those who are lost to me
Memories give me a reprieve of sort again

They are the windows into shadows of the past
I glance back to happy times through them again

Memories are treasures of far off lived times
The moments are gone, they won’t come again

When I become a memory, I hope to remain
Good memory for my own, till we meet again

When I Become a Memory

Words No More

Daily Prompt: Pick Me Up
What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?


The words that used to cheer me up are no longer there.

The person who said them is gone, so the words are there no more.

A look at my face spurred my husband R to outrageous remarks. It would put him in immense good humor, if I showed any reaction. The more I was irritated, he enjoyed himself more.

I would walk in with his morning bed tea, and put it beside him on his bedside table. Yawning, he would sit up in bed, look at my face, smile and ask, “Do I love you?”

This was the daily question. The first time it did irritate me.

I would answer, “Don’t know.”

“You should be able to answer this question?”

“No, I don’t.”

Laughing and grabbing my hands, ( I would be trying to evade his hands) he would say,

“I do love you.”

Words No More

How Do I Reach?

Daily Prompt: When Will I Be Loved?
Have you dreamt of becoming famous? What would your claim to fame be? Comedy? Acting? Writing? Race car driving? Go!

My grandson IB

Last night IB asked his parents, “how can he become the eldest among his brothers?” He badly wants a laptop and an iPhone. He is not getting them, as he is too young.

I want to say,

How do I get to the forever spot?
How do I reach the bright blue sky?

To shine among the awesome stars

And if someday by chance, if I reach it
Will I regret and yearn?

For the life I used to have.


Life of Sheen

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