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The Present to Myself

The lady who had come to buy the double bed in Son’s room in Peshawar, looked at the rocking chair first, “How much for that chair?”

“I wasn’t selling that”, was my reply.

I wasn’t interested, but she kept asking. I wish I had taken a shot of it. I was tired, and wanted her to leave so I could get some food to eat. I hadn’t eaten anything since my breakfast, which I had very early in the morning. I had been climbing up and down the outside stairs since daybreak. Okay! I named an exorbitant price. The lady snatched the chair up, and pushed it towards her male servant to take it away. She probably feared I may track back.

Oh God what had I done? My lovely chair became a distant memory.

The chair above is my present to myself. It’s my new rocking chair where I live now.

Time to make new memories.

Feb 18, 2018



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Priceless are the hugs your child gives you

Priceless is the joy which spreads in your heart

Priceless are the memories that float by

(Sheen-September 2017)



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What it’s like to lose a companion

When the loss hits you, you know

Memories come rushing back

And heart aches anew

Sitting in the back of my brother’s car

Listening to my brother and his wife

I realize with a jolt again

I will never have my own companion back, and I can’t undo

Which death has taken, and I bid adieu

Seeing couples holding hands

Fresh grief strikes to hold that hand once I had anew





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A Land Faraway

My husband will never return

Cause he has gone to a land faraway

Can he ever get back to me

I don’t think he has any say

I can’t reach him however I try

My dreams can’t make him stay

Does he ever remember- the children and I

Or his memories have gone away

Even if he wills, and would like to be back

None have come back from the land of the dead anyway

He was a part of my life which is over

Only his memories are going to stay



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Only Memories Remain

This is the third verse from a song sung by Pakistani singer Ali Haider. The song is Purrani Jeans. It is a song written and composed by him. Please don’t attribute it someone called R Sampath (from India). On You Tube the credit is being given to the wrong person. I wonder is Ali Haider aware of it?

Coming back to Puranni Jeans, the third verse is Bus Yadain Reh Jateen Hain meaning Only Memories Remain. Although the song is not a sad one but it pushes me back into the old days.Today I can only say:

Why do songs push me into sad memories

I refuse to bow down to sadness today

I see clearly the bright sunshine outside

Offering a balm to my soul inside

Why think sadly of bygone days



Can’t Drive 55

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Taste Changes

My taste in music have changed, so I don’t really know what I like now. Besides I mix up names easily. I have been hearing Pushto music for so long that I have forgotten my own preferences.

My (late) husband R loved to listen to Pushto  songs. After dinner when I was cleaning the after dinner chaos, he would retire to the lounge to listen to his favorite singers. I would hear snatches of music to which I would close the bedroom door, so I could concentrate on my prayers.

Occasionally R would call out to me to come and listen to a particular song he enjoyed. If I was done with prayers I would join him for a short while. Usually I was tired after a long day and preferred to sleep instead.

Interestingly I see my son now listening to Pushto music on his iPhone.


Papa Loves Mambo

What sort of music was played in your house when you were growing up? What effect, (if any) did it have on your musical tastes?