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Padre Island

Submarine outside a shop

Two weeks before, Son was being sent to Corpus Christi. I had never been there. Since it was for a smaller duration, I consented to go along with Son, and wife. The only blip on the horizon was my right foot. While in Peshawar, I had neglected it to such a point that I couldn’t walk. It was a hairline fracture, and painful.

Son wasn’t available, so d in law, the baby, and I were confined to the room. I was either lying on bed, or sitting in a chair. Very boring!

We were having a rainy day when daughter phoned. Anyway we never saw the sun while we were there. It was either misty, or cloudy. She urged us to go on foot to see a nearby tortoise, and animal shelter. According to her, it was a five minutes walk, and plus it was free. It turned out, it was miles from where we were staying, and they charged a hefty fee. We found that later when Son took us there on another day. We were happy we didn’t take daughter’s advice. My foot would have ballooned to rival the actual thing.

The ocean front at Padre Island
The Mermaid, and the clay castle
The Castle
A Game area

The animal shelter we visited had few animals, and one, or two birds. When we entered inside, it was extremely smelly. There were more snakes, alligators than tortoises.

As usual I acquired more magnets for my fridge, and that made me happy.