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Needing to learn some recipes, I asked my late husband to let me have his Brigade cook for a few hours. He turned out to be a very dignified man. My husband would always praise his cooking whenever he would be staying out with the troops on the numerous military exercises they had.

I learnt from the best. He seemed to be from a respectable family. I felt that unfortunate circumstances forced him to be in a lowly job. I feel sadness at his untimely death which happened a month after I met him. I came to know after quite some time. I wish I had gotten his address to get in touch with his family.



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My Own Space

Daily Prompt: Writing Space
Where do you produce your best writing — at your desk, on your phone, at a noisy cafe? Tell us how the environment affects tour creativity.


I like to have my own space, where I can sit and think. If I don’t get time to myself, I do become cranky and irritable. It won’t show on the outside, because I am a polite person, but it’s how I feel inside me.

I think alone time is necessary to recoup one’s energy. Constant noise makes one more tired.

The noise hammers my head. Probably I am used to being alone from my childhood days. As a child I was on my own most of the time.

After getting married I have spent more time alone. My husband was in the Army. Military exercises went on the whole year round, and my husband would be away. The children came. Once they grew up they had their own pursuits. I like my own alone time, but I have come across some wives who are totally unhappy. Their constant refrain is, that they are bored.

I can’t think when there is noise around me. I feel someone is hammering my head. I feel suffocated, and I can’t focus on the work in hand.

I can take noise in small dozes only. In gatherings which go on for an indefinite period I tend to slip away after a period of two to three hours.

My retreat is my room, a Heaven for me.


My Own Space