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The Return

On my last two forays to shops, I got terribly bored by Son dawdling over things, trying to make up his mind. This time I armed myself with a book — just in case I needed it to occupy myself, rather than staring aimlessly at pieces of merchandise. Bad idea!

Halfway home I realized with mounting dismay, that I had indeed left the book in the last store we visited. With great trepidation I announced it to Son, who wrathfully told me that I should never, ever take a book along on shopping. I told him to turn back, as I couldn’t face the embarrassment of telling a librarian that I had lost a book.

We entered the store from the exit side. The πŸ›’ wasn’t where I had last abandoned it. It had already being whisked in place. The first person we approached was a cleaner. He was intent on his work with a brush. Son asked him where should we go for the Lost&Found things? He looked uncomprehendingly at us???

I decided to elaborate,”I left a πŸ“– in one of the πŸ›’.

At that he said, “A book?”

“Yes”, I nodded my head.

We were lucky, as he was the one who had found the book. He led to us to a side office, and went inside to point us out to the woman inside. He held the book up. My face lighted at the sight of the missing book.

As a thank you I slipped a note to him, which he refused at first, but accepted it at my insistence. He had saved me from acute embarrassment, and a fine. He was my Saving Angel sent by Allah to help me.



I couldn’t sleep last night. I was missing IB (grandson) wondering when I’ll be able to see his dear face again. So the next best thing I did was to scroll the recent photos I had of him, and played puzzles. The app makes photos into puzzles. I had a happy hour doing the puzzles, and the bonus of seeing IB’s face grinning into the camera all over again.

How difficult it is to find decent foot wear for walking purposes? Whenever I have the opportunity I look into the footwear section. My old ones are fast disintegrating, but I’m not finding any pair to my liking. Hope till then my old ones last.

My foot size seems to be a universal size for all women. It’s always missing from the shelves. The other sizes are there except for my size, or they are available in designs I won’t like. Does this happens to others too?


I realized after going to the kitchen that there wasn’t any milk carton left on top of the freezer. I wasn’t going to use my chest freezer, so I had stacked bakery goods, milk, cereals on its top to have easier access to them instead of fetching them from the pantry. The pantry was still a mess– it needed cleaning. 

I had written two memos to myself to get milk. As is usual with me the memos disappear someplace, and I never remember to get the essentials. At the back of my mind, I do get niggling thoughts that I am forgetting something. Oh what is it? I never can remember, and the lost memos won’t re-surface to remind me, except when they are long past the day they were written. Does this happens to me only, or there are others like me?

Even gazing at everything in the shops, trying, and willing my brains to remember what I need, doesn’t do the trick. It’s only when I am back home for good, the realization dawns that I didn’t get the items I needed.

I felt dejected  that I wasn’t going to have a cup of tea. No milk meant no tea.

Needing oil for frying I went to get it from the pantry. There they were— the missing cartons of milk. I had plopped a few on top of the freezer, and the rest I had deposited in the rack in the pantry. 




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