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After saying my morning prayers, I open the living area curtains to let the morning light in. Today when I looked outside it was fog. It enshrouded the trees, and shrubs, trying to dim the lights. Wish I had taken a picture. I didn’t. Too bad! It would have been perfect if I had done it.

It was eerie! At the exact moment, a nephew messaged me about my sister in law’s daughter having a brain hemorrhage. I was sad at the news. At the moment I am too far away for a visit.

I was wondering as to why any sad happening in my life is entwined with a misty day? I have come to dread it.

It’s eerie to have a misty day

Bad tidings, and mist to happen the same day

(Sheen-October 2016)




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In the days my sister in law M died, the weather turned unpredictable. A heavy mist came down. In the mornings the sun would climb high in the sky, but the mist wouldn’t clear. One had to wait till noon for the skies to clear off.

My brother in law B told me that he would be coming at seven to pick me up, and I should be ready to leave. The burial was set at eleven. We thought we had ample time. Because of the mist on the highway it was slow going. We crawled at a slow pace, since B could only see a few feet ahead. It was our bad fate there were more trucks than cars on the road that day. My sister in law S kept a steady chatter throughout our journey, but it couldn’t alleviate our miserable trip.

The heater in their car wasn’t working. I was glad I had dressed warmly, cause by the time we reached M’s house all of us were feeling cold. The weather turned more dark and stormy as we entered the house. Cries of grief rent the air.

Last winter another thing which was unusual was the heavy mist in the evening and at night. On the terrace of my home the mist would be thick. It was literally walking into a wall beyond which you couldn’t see. 

I have never seen the likes of it before, although I have lived in Peshawar for quite sometime. 




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Fog Over Mind

The fog takes over, slowly spreading 

Memory becomes fuzzy, the images recede

Disappearing into the fast moving mist

I stare at the person beside me

Trying to remember

Who are you? I silently ask




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