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It wasn’t urgent. It had waited long enough for me to tackle it. Actually I wanted my son S to do it in my place. He was the perfect person for the job, but as he had his own urgent matters to take care off, mine had been relegated to a back burner.

Ever since I bought my secondhand car (I still sigh for the new one I wrecked in June), I wanted my old one to shine as a new one. I know truly it’s impossible, but wasn’t harming anyone in trying to cheer up it’s faded looks.

After doing the grocery trip with son, I armed myself with the car paint (bought it two months before), and went to the covered car park. My dear car was waiting patiently for it’s ordeal to begin. 

I cleaned the area first, and then tried my hand at the work I was going to attempt. The pen part didn’t work. A huge blob of paint emerged from the pen. It suddenly appeared making me flustered. It wasn’t supposed to be working that way. I wiped it off.

I took out the brush part. It looked exactly like the nail brush we use for a nail polish. I did try to be careful, but with having wobbly hands, the paint wouldn’t land where it was supposed to be. The fact that I am always in a hurry didn’t aid me in doing the repairing work. Suddenly I noticed a mosquito trying to have a midday meal on my left hand. I took a swipe at it, whereas it angerly buzzed off. Maybe it was warning me that it will be back himself,or with accomplices, and I won’t know it.

I concentrated on the car instead. In the midst of my work, I became aware of itching, and pain in the area of my left foot, toe nails, armpit, and on the back of my left hand. Something awful was having a feast at my expense. Must have had razor sharp teeth if it could go through one’s clothes.

I washed the red, itching and swollen areas, put salve on it, but it brought no relief. The only lesson I gained was never to do any car work in the vicinity of a car park. I wish I had brought the car to the front of our apartment, where there weren’t bushes, trees nearby.




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