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A Movie 🎥 to Watch

Today during Fajr Prayers I was snoozing — despicable! Isn’t it?

The alarm rang, but I didn’t get up. Thankfully Son saved me from hell, and damnation. Seeing no light under my door 🚪, he rapped at it, and asked, “Mama! Have you said your prayer?”

“No”, I bolted from bed, and rushed to the bathroom. If he had not woken me, I would have missed my prayer.

I had a late night — result of seeing a movie. After my walk, I washed the dishes, and tidied up the kitchen after removing the last remnants of our evening meal. I sat down to enjoy my huge bowl of ice cream, and watch the movie Nola (my daughter) had recommended.

Before Son had gone to sleep 💤, I had remembered to ask him for the password. Son had changed the password the past week, and forgot to tell me. For the past few months I had not bothered to watch any movies on Netflix.

A night earlier I couldn’t sleep. I switched on Netflix on my iPhone 📱. I could only see the locked sign of a 🔑 on every show, and movie. I couldn’t go, and wake up Son as he had to get early to his job. I had meant to ask him when he returned, but forgot. Anyway for this movie I signed in with the new password. My name appeared on the screen of my IPad for me to unlock.

It’s a light hearted movie —- definitely a chicks flick, different from the usual run of movies. It has been adapted from from a book by the same name. All is well that ends well.



My long term memory has gone for sixes. The short one remains really short. It has always been a difficulty. My late husband was always annoyed with my handicap. He thought I did it on purpose, because sometimes my memory works, at other times it doesn’t. I do try to memorize. A common word can slip my memory, whereas I’m trying to locate, and it tries to elude me.

It happens all the time like last night. Within minutes I had forgotten the movie’s name I was watching on Netflix. There has been no cable since Hurricane Harvey paid us a visit. I got extremely bored after the absence of cable. Fortunately our Internet works. I finally juggled through the various remote controllers with Son’s guidance to settle on a movie.

Son came back from the mosque after saying his night prayer, and asked whether I wanted to go for a walk. I did because of the unending rains I hadn’t been out the whole week. A thought was prevalent in my mind that God forbid the end was near, and we were having a repeat of rain plus floods from the times of Prophet Noah.

I put the movie on pause, and scrambled to get my shoes. During the walk, Son asked for the movie’s name. I told him that it was a good movie, but I didn’t remember the name. See that’s how long my memory is!

Aug 31, 2017



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Last month when I was visiting my daughter, and her family I saw a movie. Son in law FJ is addictive to movies. He is a movie buff. He has a good choice of selecting which movies to watch. I think I see more movies in a month when I am at FJ’s home than rest of the year.

The movie we watched was Get Out. It was a mystery thriller. It was chilling, horrifying, and it seemed so real. I was praying like mad for the young man who goes through terrifying circumstances. One couldn’t believe his girlfriend, and her parents, brother could be so evil.

The hero is induced into a trance. He is unable to move, and get out of the trance. I don’t want to give away the story. If you have time, and enjoy thrillers, do watch it. You won’t be disappointed. 

If you are weak hearted like me,  then don’t. I aged a hundred years with worry and anxiety in a span of an hour, and a half. I couldn’t leave without knowing whether the main character would survive. In terrifying scenes, I retreated to the kitchen in moments of stress, and took refuge in eating icecream.



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Ready for my Closeup

 Good news! WordPress is making a movie based on my life. How interesting! Whether I am ready for it or not, it doesn’t matter.

Looking at my life I don’t see I have done any heroic efforts which are to be immortalized, admired and made into a movie.

I have lead an ordinary life of a daughter, wife and a mother. My life had its ups and downs just like any other person. But who am I to complain if WordPress has suddenly decided that I can be a subject for a movie? It has tons of money, so why not let it do what it wants.

Maybe the movie turns out to be a blockbuster, and bags an Oscar. You will be able to see me on red carpet with cameras flashing taking a zillion photos of me. Though I better warn you, I may hide my face behind a scarf, or more likely I will be trying to hunch myself wishing the floor would open and I disappear through it.


Ready for Your Close-up

Cast the movie of your life.


Different Taste

Daily Prompt: Matters of Taste
When was the last time a movie, a book, or a television show left you cold despite all your friends (and/or all the critics) raving about it? What was it that made you go against the critical consensus?

I never have time in my own home to sit down, and watch a movie. Once in a blue moon, I do see a movie. I can assure you; it’s a rare occurance. Last one I saw was “Frozen”, and I liked it. I am still a child at heart.

Most of the movies I manage to see are at my daughter’s home. I have time on my hands. To kill time, I am able to see whatever my son-in-law FJ (a movie buff) hoards at home.

He recommended Groundhog Day, a 1993 movie with Bill Murray in it. It’s his favorite movie. He has seen it zillion of times, (sorry for exaggeration … many times).

I didn’t enjoy, or liked it. FJ was surprised. I got bored by the repetition of the same day. I gave up half way through it, and stopped watching.

I like fast paced movies. It’s boring for me when there is endless talking, or the scene stretch for hours on end.

Usually half way through movies I go to sleep, and wake up when the credits roll in. If I don’t want to sleep, and try to keep awake, I must chomp on endless potato chips, peanuts or popcorn.

This is one reason I avoid movies, so as not to add to the 138 Ibs I carry around.