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One of my favorite thing to do is reading. Nothing serious — something light to read so that I can immerse myself into forgetting my troubles, and my worries. To breathe, calm myself into believing that the world is not a terrible place to live.

A few years back I clicked on a movie. I rarely see a movie. For a movie one has sit for an hour, or two, or more. If the movie turns out to be a drudge, one is disappointed through, and through.

A month back, I started reading a book. As I read the story, I realized the characters seemed familiar. I realized it then that I was reading the book on which the film was made. The book is Me Before You, and the film name is the same.

Me Before You

It happens rarely that a movie turns out as marvelous as the book. Most of the time a lot of changes have been done to the original, and I’m never happy with the movies made from original books. I mostly forget the gist, and name of movies seen by me. The book My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult is hard to forget. The movie has a different ending from the book.

I was in luck. After reading Me Before You, I got to read the the second one After You, and then the third one Still Me. Finally the story of Louisa came to an end. I’m now hooked on Jojo Moyes the authoress. I have just finished another book of hers The Girl You Left Behind. The beginning is set in France when the Germans have taken it. One hopes never to encounter the hardships, and misery suffered by the masses in wars.

I’m now looking for The Giver of Stars, but haven’t found it.

Binge Watching

With free movies to watch, and little time, it was hard to decide on a movie. With all the hoopla surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey I managed to watch the first one, and the last one in the series. I had heard so much about the book, but have not read it so far. It isn’t a film which one can see with children. The ending scenes in the last one made up for the disappointment in watching the first one.

Next I tried to make up my mind which movies I should watch. I couldn’t decide. I rang up daughter saying random names of the movies available, and asked for her opinion. We both have same taste in movies, and songs. Before asking her I clicked on several, but after a few minutes of watching I would get bored. On her recommendation I watched The Space Between Us.

It was interesting. With Mars as a background the movie was fun to watch, and I liked it.


There was a time in my life, I couldn’t get enough of seeing movies. I was addicted to them. It was the height of bliss, if I could find time, and get a good movie to watch.

And then I grew up –I mean mentally, I was already a grownup.  I could see the time I wasted on seeing movies. There was another disadvantage. I would load myself with eating, grabbing whatever was at hand. Would feel quite sick, usually at the end.

Now I do see a movie once in a while, but can truthfully say I am sated on movies.




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