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The Rising Level

Son had some errands of his own to run. I included mine, telling him to get me meat, vegetables, wheat flour, spices and all the miscellaneous items one needs to make food. He goes to a particular shop which is a bit far away from where we live. My chief worry when the day begins is what to cook? It’s kind of hard to decide when things are finished. Son had jotted down what he had to bring home, but as an added precaution he had asked me before leaving to send him a message about items we needed to buy.

As usual I forgot. Son sent a reminder as to what else I wanted. I added a few more items to the original list, and sent it on its way. It soon got apparent that the message had gone some place else. A ding sounded. I looked at the message, “ Mama do I bring them from Dallas?”

It was then I realized that inadvertently I had sent the list to my daughter instead. My level of forgetfulness is on the rise. I find myself quite often opening the fridge door when the microwave beeps. I peer into the fridge for a little while wondering what I’m looking for? Another beep sounds, and then there is the sudden enlightenment that I was supposed to get the cup of tea languishing in the microwave.

The other day I was outside in the backyard. It’s a mess. There is more of weeds, and less grass, and to make matters worse it’s the crab variety. It makes me want to dig up the whole backyard, and have it redone all over. With my dwindling money supply, I have to check my wayward impulses. On daily bases I attack the weeds, but there is more of them sprouting gleefully.

Looking out of the windows, I thought it would be warm outside. The cold wind made me come inside for a half jacket. I forgot to wear it, and went outside again. This happened twice.

I come inside to fetch something, or the other, and then go out to find I have muddled it up. I can only hope it doesn’t get worse.