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It was eerily quiet. Lights were on, but no one in sight. My late husband was away, and  my eight year old daughter and I were on our own. Strangely it looked like our servants had gone somewhere else. 

Telling Nola to stay in one place, I tried to find out why no one was at home. I looked all around outside, but mysteriously everyone had disappeared. I came back to where I had left Nola — she wasn’t there. Now where could she go? With heart full of anxiety, and eyes brimming with tears, I kept calling my daughter. 

I searched my home, inside and outside, it seemed Nola had disappeared too. Crying, I ran outside to find my daughter. Suddenly I got the feeling I was the next target, and I had to flee. I felt desperate, hopeless and didn’t know what to do? With grief stricken heart at the loss of my daughter I ran trying to hide behind bushes, and trees on the way. I could hear them calling each other, as they searched for me. I kept praying to God, as I evaded them.

With tears running down my face, I woke up. It was a bad dream. The call of muezzin calling to morning prayer had begun. With heart full of relief, I stood on the prayer mat to say my prayers.




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Keeping Faith

Yesterday in The Huffington Post a writer called Ramadan a Muslim holiday. I wanted to clear the misconception, it’s not a holiday for Muslims. You are not taking a break. You go about your work but observe thirty days fasting with the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

The fast begins with the crack of dawn and ends in the evening when the sun goes down. You are not eating any food or drinking water during dawn to dusk. You break your fast with the call of the Muezzin for the evening prayers. Before dawn you have your breakfast or whatever you want to eat and with the call of Muezzin to morning prayers your fast begins. You are not taking a holiday. You go about your work and students go to schools and colleges. Nowadays the young ones are lucky they are having summer vacations otherwise it would have been very hard for them.

Ramadan was and is enjoined upon Muslims who keep faith in One, True God. He is One, The Supreme Being who created the human beings and everything in this Universe.

Below is the 112 Surah (chapter) Al Ikhlas (The Purity of Faith)from The Quran.
بسم اله الرحمن الرحيم
قل هو اله احد
اله صمد
لم يلد و لم يولد
و لم يكن له كفوا احد
The Translation

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Say: He is Allah,
The One and Only;
Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
He neither begot anyone
Nor was He begotten;
And there is none
Like unto Him.

The spirit of fasting is that we should become better people. It’s main purpose is to clean our souls. Alas! More among us follow the letter and not the spirit of Ramadan. God gave us this month as a Gift. It was so the human soul develops Piety. It was so that we see the hunger and help people less fortunate than us. Help us God to become better human beings. Amen.