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A Muffin Birthday

Sn’s (grandson) birthday was last month. Normally Son takes his sons to their favorite spots to celebrate, but because of the dreaded Coronavirus it had to be a home meal. Sn (he is the middle child) couldn’t make it because of tests. The next date he gave us was 5th May. There was another postponement, so Son invited him on 15th May. IB’s (he is the youngest one) birthday happens in the last week of May. We lumped both birthdays together to fifteenth. The oldest one H’s birthday is coming up in July.

Both the brothers didn’t want a cake. I wanted an ice cream cake, or CoolWhip to ice a home baked one, Son vetoed it on account of the dreaded Covid-19. I hurriedly baked a few muffins. At least Son, and I could eat them if the children didn’t. A cake is harder to demolish besides piling on more weight to carry around.

We had Chat, samosas, and dates for Iftari (breaking of fast – remember it’s Ramadan). Son took the three kids upstairs to say their Maghreb (evening) prayer, while I hurriedly set the table for dinner. I had made rice, chicken, a bean salad, and pizza. The children didn’t touch anything except for the pizza. I was ever so thankful that I had made a pizza for them. They were picky in eating, saying no to everything, while Son was just the opposite. He was on his third helping when I had to remind him that it was time to stop.

Son loves it when his children are with us. He is starved for their company. For the short period they were with us, Son’s face was wreathed in smiles. May Allah Bless us with His Infinite Mercy. Ameen.

Favorite Smells

Daily Prompts: Nosey Delights
From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours?


Oops! It depends upon my nose. You see sometimes my nose works, and at times it stop working all together. My nose works according to its own whims.

I love the smell of toast, fresh coffee, and the aroma of rice when it is cooking. The smell wafts through the house making me want them. The lovely smell of mint leaves in the kitchen is another smell I prefer.

When bread or pizza is in the oven getting baked, the yeasty smell is heavenly. I adore the smell of baking cakes, muffins, and cookies. To me it seems very welcoming.

I cherish the fragrance of flowers like Daffodils, Sweet Pea, Jasmine, Motia, and Night-Queen. They are the smells of my childhood. The tiny buds of Night-Queen opens at night time only, and they emit a heavenly fragrance. I would love to have a perfume spray of it.

One perfume spray which is still a favorite (with me) after many years, has been dubbed by my two granddaughters (M2 and M3), as “Smell of Nano”. The thing is, I have been using it for such a long period, my nose can’t smell it. I can only smell it, if I discontinue it for some time.

One of my late husband R’s favorite was an after shave he used. I loved its smell too. He was very frugal in buying things for himself. The only things on which he didn’t mind spending money were his liked after shaves and fragrances. I gave away his closet full of them away.

I have kept a used one of his on my dressing table. He told me once laughingly, that he uses it to entice me (cause I liked it). I sometimes open the stopper to bring back R’s smell to my mind.

Favorite Smells