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A Childhood Fantasy

Second-Hand Stories
by Ben Huberman
What’s the best story someone else has recently told you (in person, preferably)? Share it with us, and feel free to embellish — that’s how good stories become great, after all.


What went through my head at seven? I would dearly want to know.

A childhood fantasy was: to press my hand into an armpit to make it shine like Prophet Musa’s (Moses) hand. I had read the story in the Quran, and somehow I thought If I prayed enough times for this miracle, it would happen. I was one disappointed little girl.

This memory came, because of Nola (my daughter). She phoned early in the morning. She was talking about two days fasting 9th and 10th Muharram (Lunar Calendar), in remembrance of Prophet Musa, Peace be upon him.
He freed the Israelites from subjugation from the Pharaoh. She said if you fast during these dates, God forgives last year sins.

Mount Sinai, the location where Musa (Moses) first spoke to God. (Photo credit: Thanks to Wikipedia)

Moses is regarded having urged Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) when the latter ascended the heavens during Mi’raj, to ask God to reduce the number of prayers until five remained.

Every morning I send salutations on all the Prophets by this verse form the Quran, Part 23, Chapter 37, Surah Saffat, verses 180-182:

Glory to thy Lord, the Lord of Honor and Power! (He is free) from what they ascribe (to Him).
And Peace on the Messengers.
And Praise to Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of the Worlds.